"Oh where oh where has Lori gone?"

I'm here. Really, I am. One non blogging day turned into two....then three....then four....then before I knew it I was off the blogging map for a looooooong time. While some have missed me and on that subject I will shout out a "thank you" to all those that told me so, honestly I've enjoyed the freedom. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy blogging and typing my thoughts down, but during my what turned into over a month of not posting, it felt nice not feeling the pressure to post something every.single.day.

During my hiatus I've accepted the position of Discussion Group Leader at my MOPS group, which I enjoy beyond belief. Totally up my alley!

I signed up to be a room mom for Mark and Matt's class parties. Hopefully the kids find me cooler and more hip with each passing year. Yeah, right! I already accompanied Mark's class to Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. That was fun!

Right now I feel my life is turning a new leaf. Having both boys in school has caused me to look at myself. Where do I fit in this world outside motherhood? Next year Mark will be in three day preschool and the year after that full day kindergarten. When you get right down to it, that's a lot of free time to just stare at myself. While that sounds nice to some juggling diapers, toilet training and feeding schedules, trust me, when you are forced to analyze yourself it can draw out opinions - both good and bad.

Let the chips fall where they may, I say. I accept this time in my life and know I will change and grow from it.


....and he's off to preschool, folks!


Sound the Trumpets!

Oh my goodness, am I actually posting something today? I guess so! These past couple weeks have been both lazy and busy. Seemed like one day passed and then another and another and another. I decided to enjoy the last days of summer before school started.....and summer ended today with Matt off to second grade. And I am trying to digest Mark starting preschool in another week. Can't believe his time is here too!

So those of you asking, "Is Lori still on this planet?" Yes I am and doing quite well, thank you.

So here I sit. The house is quiet with Matt in school. No bickering or whining or complaining of boredom. Maybe I'll catch up on the last three episodes of Lost from last season during Mark's nap? Sounds good to me!

RINGING IN 2008-09!!!!



Last night Matt tagged along with our sports writer neighbor and his son to the Chicago Bears training camp. As soon as Matt walked through the front door he was all smiles showing off his new autograph book with his first entry: TOMMIE HARRIS #91


And Baby Makes Three

Jeff and Erin with a bun in the oven due mid-March. CONGRATULATIONS!!

(He's my brother in case you're wondering.)


I'm Still Here....Really I Am!

Good grief, has it really been over a week since my last post? I guess so! Again, time is passing, things are happening and I am absorbing every morsel of my summer days.

Last weekend we took a trip to Terre Haute to visit my brother and his wife (Jeff and Erin). On Saturday we attended an Indianapolis Colts practice. The guys had fun and Matt actually named off several players. That boy! Erin and I had more fun observing the crowd. Behind our smiles was actually boredom! We endured.

On Sunday Jeff, Steve and Matt attended the Brickyard Race while I stayed behind with Erin and Mark for the day. It was a very lazy day for us and I loved it. What's better than relaxing on a couch watching "Overboard"?

Then my icing on the cake was Monday. My best friend, Kristi, was visiting from Texas. We including six more of our friends splurged on a limo drive up to Chicago. We shopped, dined, laughed and talked. I had a blast!!!

To view our photos of the weekend --> CLICK HERE!

And maybe I'll post more....we'll see!