Saturday was Matt's opening day playing t-ball. Even though the team's opening day was last weekend, Matt missed that thanks to the stomach virus that hit him hard. Despite a dreary day, the team had fun and Matt loves playing. He hussles in and out of the dugout quickly and is always on his toes when the coaches tell him to do things.

View other photos from Matt's debut!!!

Father's Recovery

My dad received news that he is cancer free!!! The next step is to remove part of the esophagus tissue the cancer was affecting. The surgery is scheduled on May 16 and from what I've read, it is a six-hour procedure with a week stay at the hospital.

My mother asks for several prayer requests. Here they are:

  • That my dad will gain weight. He is eating, plus supplementing with tube feedings, but the scale is not showing any gain.
  • That he will sleep longer at night and that his sleep schedule is more regulated.
  • My dad needs to gain strength before his surgery date.
  • Most of all, that he is cancer free for life!!!

Until then, my family is standing on God's promises!


Mommy's Patients

We are on the road to recovery!! Mark is 100% better and Matt is following behind. Mark missed his playmate in Matt and bugged him on the couch constantly.

Isn't it good to see these brothers care for one another as they do here? Melts my heart!


More Rain Anyone?

I know I am going to look back at this entry and think, "I can't imagine what I have overcome!" It seems like 2006 has been full of challenges and lessons.

To spare you the gross details I'll simply say that Matthew had the WORST stomach/intestinal flu ever, which we found out was the dreadful rotavirus! If it weren't for Steve helping, I would have lost my mind. With Mark's ear tubes recently being put in, plus getting over an intestinal bug himself, and let's not forget Steve's surgery in the future, it seems like everything is piling on top of one another.

My mom told me I should always ask God, "How will You help me grow after this?" It's a neat thing when you allow God to change your heart. Yesterday I had to go to Walgreens to buy more Tylenol for Matt and then picked up dinner at KFC (fast food has become the norm here lately). The man at the drive-thru asked me, "What sides would you like with your 8-piece bucket?" I couldn't even make a decision. I was dealing with so much diarrhea, vomit, and clean up, I didn't care if I ate potato wedges or cole slaw! It reminds me when I've been ticked at the car in front of me when he/she wasn't ordering quick enough. There are people dealing with their own junk and probably feel the same way I felt yesterday. We never know what is going on behind closed doors. Boy, was this a lesson in learning patience!
I am hoping for better entries later...


When It Rains, It Pours

At 5:45am I grabbed Mark from a sweet slumber and put him in our minivan for his morning appointment at the surgical center. His ear tubes were put in and all went well -- with the exception of coming out of the anesthesia (a crying nightmare). Unfortunately along with his ear tubes, he has caught an intestinal bug! Sometimes I change a diaper in 5 minutes!

On the subject of health, Steve has been experiencing discomfort in his abdomen and decided to have it checked out. After an ultrasound revealed GALL STONES, he was referred to a surgeon and will receive his treatment plan next week. Another outpatient surgery to plan for.

So, when it rains, it pours!!! My anxiety level sky-rockets and I am set to worry, worry, worry... There is always a moment in my life when I am forced to trust God more.

Then I am reminded of James 1:2-3:

"Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds,
because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance."

However, in the midst of our family's trials we receive a call that my dad is CANCER FREE and the next step is surgery to remove the affected tissue mid-May. The doctors are optimistic and everything is going according to their plans. God is good and always working!!!


Ears to Hear

Mark has suffered three ear infections in 9 months with the present one not clearing up. With constant fluid behind his ear drum his pediatrician recommended tubes. Early tomorrow morning Mark is scheduled to have them put in at the local surgical outpatient center. My hope is to have a happy, healthy baby again instead of crabby grouch -- not like my cute "little man". Until tomorrow...


Live Strong!!

When I see those yellow bands proclaiming "LIVE STRONG" I use to think, "Wow, what a neat way to encourage people fighting cancer." Then in February my dad was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. My family would never be same and no one could of prepared us for what was yet to come.

Similar to having a baby, my mother was forced to sacrifice her time and schedule to care for my dad during treatments. There are days when I feel sorry for myself when I am stuck changing diapers, feeding my boys, and running errands when I would rather be reading a magazine with a latte in hand or being with girlfriends at Olive Garden. Guilt hits me over the head when I visit my parents then leave to go back to my existence at home. I wish I could do more to help my mom like she has helped me many times before.

"I lift up my eyes to the hills - where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth." ~Psalm 121:1-2

We all have battles that overwhelm us. Whether it's raising kids to marriage or an illness to employment, know that God is in control and He will see you through anything. Be encouraged...


Six Weird Facts

I have been tagged to admit six weird facts about myself. Hope these entertain someone:
  1. When I was a year old I caught Hong Kong Flu and almost died of dehydration. Although this sounds scary, I never really knew what Hong Kong Flu was! To this day my mom blames the neighborhood kid that came to my brother's birthday party sick.
  2. I cannot stand and I mean CANNOT STAND repetitive sounds like snoring, ticking, clicking, heavy breathing... You get my drift!
  3. Last fall I was a witness to the prosecution in a Federal case. The dentist I worked for was charged with Medicaid fraud. Felt like an episode of "Law and Order".
  4. My kitchen has to be clean before bedtime. Seeing a dirty dish by the sink in the morning can make or break my day.
  5. I am a constant declutter-er. The problem is I find myself doing it all the time. Shouldn't the clutter be gone by now?
  6. My automobiles HAVE to be cleaned out daily. Golly, do I sound like a neat freak?

First Steps

I am taking my first step into the world of "blogging". Seems strange to spill my guts out for the world to read, but to recall memories once written will be sweet -- at least the happy ones!

Having a house of 3 boys (one of them including my husband) makes me feel like I am surrounded by testosterone. Our weekends are full of NASCAR and Cubs Baseball. I long for time alone when I can be a couch potato and watch Oprah or What Not To Wear, then again, when do I have time for that? I could make a long list of why TiVo saved my life, however I feel guilty to admit TV is my way to relax.

Mark is my youngest (10 months now) and Matthew is five. Between Matthew's t-ball and preschool, I feel Mark is a very large purse than a baby! The poor child is taken from here to there, but fusses little about it. Has anyone drafted up what a mother would make if she was paid? From chauffeuring to a chef, I think "multi-tasking" is an understatement!!

As I type Mark is grabbing my hands, so I must end this and make dinner. What shall it be tonight: hamburger or spaghetti? The choices are endless!


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