Just Not in the Mood

Last Wednesday Mark spiked a temperature of 101. The next evening Matt joined Mark with a sudden fever. In a couple days Matt improved with some left over coughing, etc. However, Mark was not himself, so I took him in Saturday morning.


Almost a year ago ear tubes were put in, but since he needed them so early -- and you know how fast toddlers grow -- one is already out. The news discouraged me since he hasn't needed an antibiotic prescription since last April.

So off I went to Target to get the Rx filled while I did some therapy and shopped around. Do you love that place as much as I do???

I haven't thought much about commenting on blogs or taking photos to post for Wordless Wednesday. This morning I rushed to get our recycle bin out after Matt saw the truck down the street! I try to shower every day. Make dinner. Rest in front of "the tube". Make sure the house is together. Do laundry. You know, mom's work.

So this week I am skipping WW. I'll drink my coffee. Watch a movie. Make the boys' lunch. And enjoy some me time.


Tuesdays Top Three

Peanut Butter & Jelly Boats is hosting Tuesdays Top Three. This week's topic: GUILTY PLEASURES

  • Reality TV Challenges like Project Runway, Top Chef, and Survivor
  • Starbucks Starbucks Starbucks
  • Any song from ABBA


And the ugly duckling award goes to.........

Some of you read my comment on Stephanie's You Blog the Blog about my 2nd grade perm incident and I also blogged about it here. Well, the proof is in the picture! Join the fun (if you dare) and post your link. We'll laugh and cry along with you.


Seasonal Flu x's 3

All the men in this household have the yucky seasonal flu (high fever/cold symptoms).


With that said I will be taking a break. Have a wonderful weekend!!


After Bedtime Prayer

After Matt said his prayers one night he said to me:

"Mom, did you know my heart is the church and God and Jesus lives there all the time?"

"Yes I did." (As I am holding back tears of joy)

Pretty profound, don't ya think?



Zealous Heart

zeal (noun)
fervor for a person, cause, or object; eager desire or endeavor; enthusiastic diligence

zealous (adj.)
full of, characterized by, or due to zeal; ardently active, devoted, or diligent

Do you strive for God's character? Have passion for his work? His people? Wanna see this corrupt world turn their eyes towards Jesus?
I know I lack God's compassion when I am yelling at the person in front of me on the highway. Ignoring the person who needs help. Or giving because I have to instead of wanting to.
We all fall short. But through God's mercy and my drive to be more like Him, He picks me up and pushes me forward. My prayer today is for God's zeal to overflow in my heart today and every day.


The Mom Behind This Mom

This photo was taken May 1990 when I was about to attend a dance. Back when Jessica McClintock was victorian and shoulder pads were all the rage, I was set to go. If I could sharpen the picture (thanks old scanner), you would see the logo "Generra Project" on my mom's sweatshirt. For all you people that were into those brand names in the early 90's, have a laugh! It took hours achieving this hairstyle with a curling iron. I chose this photo because it was the first time I saw my mother's face in mine. Our mouths. Smiles. Noses. Dimples. Cheekbones. I am proud of it!!!
Visit Adventures in Babywearing to share your photo and visit others.


Say that again???

I posted about this awhile ago and found something else that made me go: “UH?”

Meijer was on my agenda coming home from an appointment. I wanted to stock up on items before the winter storm hit. As I walked in I had to read this sign twice to make sure I was seeing it correctly:

“Walk In Medical Care”

Yes, not only can you grab a gallon of milk, but you can buy underwear, get your eyes checked, take a family photo, go to the doctor, and then get a Rx filled – all in one place!

These supercenters never cease to surprise me. They definitely are a “one-stop shopping center” and then some.


Wordless Wednesday: My Valentine Date

At our town's mother/son Valentine's Day bowling party (GO TEAM!)


Introducing the Tooth Fairy!!!

Monday morning Matt exclaimed, "My tooth came out! My tooth came out!" (He really was excited even though the photo to left shows otherwise.)

We have been anticipating this tooth coming out. Not because it's a great milestone, but we were sick of the constant complaining during mealtime.

Matt used the tooth pillow my parents gave me when I was a little girl to collect baby teeth. Before bed he started negotiating the amount he should get! "Since it's my first tooth, I should get $100 or something, right???" FAT CHANCE!

He woke up with a few dollar bills and said, "Wow, I am really rolling in the dough now. I have enough to get another Xbox game." (Young minds......)

One down.....many more to go!!!

UPDATE: We are under a winter storm warning. Matt's K class has been cancelled. Our morning is off to a good start: watching CARS and eating breakfast!!!


A New Beginning

This week my parents are officially moving out of the house I grew up in. They are down-sizing to a ranch and beginning to enjoy a simpler life. It is bittersweet witnessing a strange family move into the house I knew as home since I was four (1977).

  • Sleepovers in the basement.
  • Playing Barbies with my friends on the back porch.
  • Eating breakfast every morning while I talked to my mom.
  • Playing Disco Duck in the den as I danced and danced.
  • Santa’s spread by the fireplace.
  • Searching for my basket Easter morning. (The dryer was a great place -- thanks mom and dad!)

The memories go on and on. But the new home will add new ones. Ones of grandkids running around. Laughing around the dinner table. The excitement of opening Christmas presents. The smell of Thanksgiving turkeys roasting. Egg hunts in the back yard.

It's the end and a new beginning.........

Taken in front of my parents' old home with my brothers, parents and our families.


Sobering Thoughts

For the past 6 years I have been involved in a local Bunco group. Every month we laugh, eat, and enjoy time away from the responsibilities of motherhood.

Over a year ago one of the moms, Jenny, found out her daughter, Julia, had a Wilms’ Tumor Stage 4. It was aggressive and she underwent chemo/radiation as well as a stem cell transplant. It was a long process for the entire family and I admired Jenny’s strength and courage. She came through and all seemed well.

We received news that the tumor is back with a vengeance. The doctors gave the whole “2 or 3 months” talk and the family had to decide whether to treat the cancer with ugly side effect and prolong her life a little longer or forego the treatments and allow her to enjoy the time she has left.

Her family chose the latter. They feel “quality” outweighs “quantity”. They are planning trips to Disney and visiting distant families making every moment count.

Her journey has brought me to a sobering place. Julia is Matt’s age, so I can only imagine how I would receive this news. It caused me to look at life and be thankful for my two boys. To cherish every day. Maybe dealing with another cold isn’t that bad? Maybe nagging Matt to make his bed in the morning shouldn’t ruin my day? What seems like a tragedy usually is not.

Please pray for this family. For endurance. Strength. Peace. Comfort.


A Superb Date

I run errands with Mark before picking Matt up from morning kindergarten. I always seem to time things early and have 20 minutes or so to spare.

Tuesday Mark and I spent that extra time at Target's food center eating Pizza Hut breadsticks. Wednesday we ran over to Panera Bread and split a cinnamon crunch bagel with cream cheese (oh so good).

Our conversation isn't deep. In fact we usually talk about colors or if he wants more of what I'm eating. We'll play a game of "Where's Mark?" as he covers his eyes and then yells, "Boo!" He points at this and that. He eyes all the people either giving them a smile or that flirty-shy look

Someone will spot us and before you know it, I strike up a conversation about what it's like being a mom. About how Mark's eyes are so blue. That he has a brother, Matt, which prompts Mark to say, "MAA!" About how good he is sitting and eating. Then I remind the individual how they need to come home and watch the REAL Mark, who throws food on the floor and tries to stand in his high chair.

My Little Man may not keep our conversation flowing, but I enjoy every minute of our date together. He has Mommy's heart completely!!!



Little Things

Yes....yes....yes.....today is my birthday. I am 33 today. And, yes, I have no problem admitting my age. (I sounds like an Olay commercial.) Matt's kindergarten class focuses on a color every week and this week is pink. How timely!!

What am I looking forward to today?

Well, compared to last year's birthday fiasco: both boys were sick with the flu (Mark went to the ER with his first croup attack), my dad received news he was going to battle esophageal cancer, and a close friend of Steve's family passed away. All in one day. I remember asking, "Could this day get any worse???" I was numb.

A year later we are healthy. My dad is cancer free. No family deaths (thank you). I look forward to a day with my boys and hubby. A day to be thankful for all God brought us through. These things are what make my birthday special. The little things, which really aren't so little.



  • The temperature on my rear view mirror gauge on our way to church yesterday.
  • The number of touchdowns scored by the Bears in the second half. (BOO HOO, but CONGRATULATIONS INDY COLTS!!)
  • My energy level this morning.
  • The number of naps Mark took yesterday, but did manage to crawl up on Daddy and sleep for a measly 30 minutes.
  • My tolerance for whining today.
  • The balance of my heart's love for these two boys!


I seem to be checked out. Reasons why.....

First, Blogger has frustrated me these past few days. Commenting and visiting sites have been difficult. If I seem to be missing, I am not.

Second, our family is long overdue for a pajama day and today feels good to do that. Other than signing Matt up for baseball this spring/summer, we are enjoying indoors with the brutally cold temperatures outdoors. Time for a good cup of hot chocolate -- or Chambi Chai!

Third, we are preparing for the big game Sunday. The grocery store is calling my name. On the menu: Italian beef, chili-cheese dip, brownie sundaes, and popcorn. DIG IN EVERYONE!!!

So what are your weekend plans? Watching the Super Bowl? Are you even a football fan? Relaxing? Enjoying a nice day – if you live in the SOUTH?

As for me, I am checking out and relishing in our weekend’s plans. LATER!


Are you Ready?

The US Department of Homeland Security provides information on how your family should establish a plan in the event of an emergency. Visit Ready.gov and learn how to make an emergency kit, know your local/state information and educate your kids.

Make a plan. Be prepared. Get Ready!