"Thanks, Google"

Beck revealed her list of google searches that lead many to her blog. This is just a taste of what I found people googling to lead them here:

"8 o'clock bedtime" Probably back from when I posted this. My blog also popped up when someone searched "7 o'clock bedtime". I will say this over and over again: early bedtimes are essential in keeping me sane and giving Steve time alone with me (watching a movie, playing a boardgame, talking......)

"glass hitting the head" Ok, that's just mean! What is this person thinking? Or even worse, contemplating?

"chamba chai latte costco" The best instant hot drink ever....also served on ice. It's up there with Starbucks lattes for sure!

"fifty things turning fifty" Get the Good Housekeeping list here.

So those of you that visit often, how did you manage to find your way here? What makes you keep visiting? Is this a survey? I don't know...just call me curious!




Putting my boys’ recent illnesses aside (they are 100% better now); this has been such a refreshing time. Sunday I met up with another high school pal. Stacey and I were never close in high school, but when I went stag to my 10-year high school reunion I ended up sitting at her table. We struck up a conversation and discovered we both met Jesus soon after high school. There we sat talking like we’ve known each other for years! Sharing our history. Our salvation story. I don’t mean to quote Casablanca, but it was the beginning of a beautiful (lasting) friendship.

We’ve stayed in touch ever since. Last weekend she was in town visiting her family and we decided to meet up at
Chipotle. And let me just say Chipotle rocks! Forget the Nacho Bell Grande at Taco Bell (gross), Chipotle is fresh and oh so yummy. Even more, they cater to a gluten free diet – SCORE! Can’t wait take Matt there so he can create his own burrito bowl! And do not get me started on the lime wedges by the fountain drinks to flavor my Coke or the delicious corn salsa. YUMMO! We grabbed our food and decided to eat outside. Stacey asked, “What time is it?” I grabbed my cell phone. Three hours had passed! As I sit here typing the right side of my face is bright red from the sun. How could I think about my skin when we were gabbing away? We hugged and made plans for our next visit when either of us is in each other’s town.

And who loves the new long/Bermuda shorts? Stephanie blogged about them and even posted a
beautiful picture of herself in them. You’ll never catch me wearing regular shorts thanks to spider veins and birthing two children. It’s about time shorts like these are in style! Monday I shopped at OLD NAVY and walked out with two pairs. Let’s burn the “who wears short shorts” and while we are at it I'll add skinny jeans and ultra low riders!

As I was shutting the windows preparing to turn our A/C on yesterday afternoon I stood for a minute watching my family in the backyard. Steve and Matt were playing kickball while Mark was running circles laughing. In that moment I was content. My family is healthy. Everyone is happy. It was a complete feeling and I stood there a few moments more......

So this week is the last full week of school. I’ll blog my feelings about wrapping up Matt’s kindergarten year later.....

And finally around here The Wiggles and Thomas the Train are resurfacing. Yes, Mark is finally interested in TV and Wags the Dog grabs his attention every time. Even Matt is tapping into the toddler within himself as he watches with his little brother. Is it awful to admit I am relieved Mark is a bit of a couch potato so I can indulge in moments to myself?


Spring Fever(s)

And I don't mean the fever when you are longing for warmer temperatures and outdoor fun, but a fever that knocks on our front door -- unwelcomed and without warning. An illness after all the winter colds and seasonal flus have passed. Don't you wish you could just slam the door?

Mark's came Thursday soon after we arrived home from our Kindy 500 race (no wonder he fell asleep). Friday I took Mark in to see the doctor and after a negative strep test followed by a chest film they found pneumonia. Of course I had that feeling when his cough sounded wet and his temp reached 103.9! (Good news is his ear tubes were placed well and clear.) After a long day away at the doctor's Matt complained about "not feeling right". A fever with no other symptoms. Motrin/Tylenol is a good thing!

So we are staying close to home this weekend watching Pokemon and playing Xbox. We planned to celebrate Memorial Day with some close friends, but they are dealing with their own illnesses too. Seems like are plans are always thwarted thanks to coughs, fevers, stomach bugs and more. URG! This curse needs to be lifted, right Stephanie???
I'll leave you with a photo taken when I visited Happi last weekend. (Love ya, girlfriend!) She was dressed up for the expo while I sneaked in wearing my casuals....and lime green Crocs! It was so nice to see my friend. I hope all of you have a great holiday weekend!!


Race Day

This morning was Matt's Kindy 500 box car race. After working for almost 3 weeks on his race car, he wore his NASCAR Army #01 with pride.....and speed! (Any Mark Martin fans out there???)

Papa and Nana H came out to watch and brought some spirit flags to cheer Matt on. It was a hot, sunny day (mid-80's by 9:30am).

Matt started off slow (dead last in fact), but when he appeared going around turn 3 he was SECOND and it was a race to the finish. Matt missed first by a cardboard box length! He had a blast! (And he needed a bathroom break badly -- thank God he made it!!)

Each child was presented with a medal and certificate. Matt would have smiled more, but the sun was beating down on everyone...we were all ready for A/C and a cold drink! Afterwards we enjoyed good eats at Culvers (one of our favorite family hang outs). While eating Matt put his medal around my neck. I asked him why he was giving it to me and he responded, "Because I love you." I love my boys! Now I am off to nap myself.......

PS Where was Mark in all this? He fell asleep in the stroller! (photos to be posted soon)


Wordless Wednesday (sort of)


PS Mark's ear tube insertion went well yesterday. The ENT said lots of pus and thick fluid came out, so hopefully he will hear better than ever now. Happy WW!!


Better Late Than Never

My camera is back! What would I do without my cell phone and digital camera??? As my dear friend, Happi, said: "I shudder at the thought!" And speaking of my high school pal, on Sunday afternoon she was in town for an expo and I popped in for a quick "hi" and a hug. We haven't seen each other in 5 long years (since our 10-year high school reunion in fact), so the moment (even though short) was very sweet. As we sat in the foyer catching up I chuckled. We were gabbing like we did before. Like no time had passed. It was precious. We couldn't help but also think how God planned our lives: both of us have two boys 4-1/2 years apart. TOO COOL!! Since I ran out of the house so anxious to see her, I forgot my digital camera -- again! We borrowed her sister's camera, so we'll share later. Maybe I need to tattoo "Will not forget my camera" on my forearm???

Remember when Hanes used to sell plain old white T-shirts and underwear? On Saturday as I am passing Target's intimates section their new Hanes display caught my eye: cool tanks and vivid-colored lounge pants. When did Hanes stuff get so cute? Also, Walmart sells the perfect sleep tee by none other than...you guessed it...Hanes. I absolutely love it and bought one in blue too.

So now I will share the photo of Matt's keepsake frame he made me for Mother's Day (finally). It states many encouraging words describing my position in this house: encourager, patient (really?), friend, nurse, wise (again, really?) and more. One phrase that touched my heart the most was "Mom +Me" colored by yours truly. AW!! That's my boy!!

PRAYER REQUEST: The surgical center called. Mark is scheduled for his tube insertion tomorrow morning @ 8:30am. Please pray all goes well and we are out quickly. Thanks!


10 Goodies

Things that make my life good and a bit easier:

1. Horizon Organic Single Serve Chocolate Milk: I buy an 18-count box at COSTCO and best of all, they do not require refrigeration! Just store them in a closet and chill when needed. My boys love it and it beats soda!

2. Water Balloons: They make for endless fun. Mark likes to throw and pop his early while Matt sees how long his can endure. CAUTION: Get ready to protect yourself then strike back!

3. HDTV: Those blonde streaks in Blake's hair look clearer than ever....not to mention news anchor's wrinkles!

4. Tivo: Need I explain???? Watching my shows on my time.

5. "Lose My Soul" from Tobymac's Portable Sounds: Matt is a huge Tobymac fan and when I listen to this song it reminds me that world does not guarantee eternal joy -- only Christ! (Matt's picks are "Made to Love" and "Boomin" -- we are definitely past those cute songs from The Wiggles.)

6. Stickers: Mark's addiction and used to keep his attention while I finish a task.

7. A Bread Keeper: It stores Matt's gluten free bread and the slicing guide is wonderful. Every slice is perfect and even! (I am horrible at cutting slices)

8. No-Spill Bubble Tumblers: I find these in the "99 cent" toy bins at Target. Each boy has one and it's less messy, plus you won't have to worry about losing an entire bottle.

9. Tweezers: From plucking unsightly hairs to tightening a screw in sunglasses to getting out an irritating splinter out.....let's see....what else.....oh yeah, grabbing the lint outta the back of a hairdryer.

10. MY BED!



Never A Dull Moment

Monday Mark had a follow up appointment with his ENT. Both ear tubes are out because he needed them so early (9 months). Well, the fluid behind the ear drum is back, which means he'll need them again. This didn't surprise me. I could tell Mark was listening to muffled noise by the way he's been responding. So here we go again. I am hoping for a better experience compared to last time.

Also, this week I am preoccupied creating Matt's box car for the Kindy 500 race next week. He insisted on Mark Martin's NASCAR #01 Army car. Should be fun!

UPDATE: The surgical center called. We are set for Mark's tube insertion Tuesday morning May 22.


A Fine Day

How was your Mother's Day weekend? Here is a taste of mine......

Matthew surprised me with a keepsake frame/picture that I will display in the kitchen for all to see.

Steve and Matt cleaned the kitchen.

The message my mom and I gave at church that morning blessed many. (Thanks for your prayers!)

We spent the day with family.

Ate out for lunch and dinner (I wasn't gonna cook!)

And Steve finished my special day by getting the boys ready for bed himself.

So where are the photos you ask???

Stored in our digital camera which I left at my parents house!!! (To be shared soon.)


My Apologies

I have a blogroll that I try to run through when I have a chance. In the early morning when Matt is off to school and Mark is still sleeping. When Mark is napping. When Matt isn't asking me to play a boardgame. When I feel like sitting in front of my computer instead of spread out on the couch watching something I Tivo-ed.

Lately with the weather being so warm the boys ask to walk to the park on a daily basis. They are in and out of the house a lot. The sprinkler was dug out of storage this week. Friends are popping in and out after 3pm and it continues until dinnertime. I feel I am constantly cleaning my downstair's floor!!! In between all this I am juggling the usual: bills, meals, driving here and there. You know, the usual wish-I-were-paid-for-this-job stuff!! When I am able to have my moments as listed above, I usually pick the couch over anything. Wouldn't you?

So I am sending my apologies if I am not commenting/visiting my blogroll like before. I am just too gosh darn busy. Enough said.

Many of you are voicing your opinions about my last post. If you haven't read that yet, do so and leave your opinion on the subject. I will leave you with photos taken of the boys yesterday during sprinkler fun......



At Burger King the other day I ordered Kid's Meals for Matt and a friend. If Spiderman is rated PG-13, then why is Burger King promoting the movie to children under the appropriate age? I mean who else purchases kid's meals but children preschool thru 2nd grade, right?

So the boys pull out their Spiderman toys and on the way home I hear, "Mommy, can I see Spiderman 3? PAAALEAZE!!!!" Interesting. What do you think?

(We said a firm "no" by the way!)


Wordless Wednesday: Young Author Blue Ribbon Winner

Matthew's first page of his book entitled My Dog Sam
Don't you just love the illustration???


Busy Bee

This week brings a full plate. From preparing my Mother's Day message to Matt's baseball schedule and then Tuesday I am hosting Bunco for my mom's group. (Please remember Julia in your prayers! She is doing fine, but the tumor is growing rapidly.) I am busy as a bee! So I am off to grab my dustpan and run to Costco. I am sure you will understand if I am absent this week.


A Meme of 7

Morning Song tagged me to reveal 7 random facts/habits about myself. Then I have to tag 7 more people. Here I go:
  • Steve and I were married 5 years before we had our first child (Matthew) and when we were ready to have another it took over a year to conceive Mark (4-1/2 years apart). Like I always say, "You can't plan everything." (But I work so hard to!)
  • We honeymooned in Maui and I just found out Steve and I have another opportunity to visit this island of paradise during next year's Spring break. WOO HOO! Details to come....
  • I fall asleep with the TV on a timer every night.
  • I am the only girl in my family: 2 brothers and 5 male cousins In addition to this testerone party I married Steve who has 2 brothers. And how could I forget my two sons?? Let's just say I can throw a football and play wiffle ball with the rest of them!
  • I am notorious at leaving glasses/mugs around the house 1/2 full of liquid. It drives Steve crazy when he finds pop cans with liquid in them. Some will be there for a day or two before I finally pitch them in our recycle bag. Hum....maybe that is why I titled this blog Glass Half Full? Not really. It is supposed to mean that I have a positive outlook being a mom.
  • I appear to be organized on the outside until people open my cabinets and drawers. SCARY!
  • My life changed when we got Tivo!

Now I tag the following people: The Berger Buzz, Gibson Funschool, Flip Flop Mamma, Life With All Boys, Showered with His Grace, Itty Bitty Bits of Me, and my new find Baseballs & Bows. WOW -- that's a lot of people!!!


Recalling the Days

A couple weeks ago I received a call from my parents’ Pastor asking if my mom and I would be interested in giving the Mother’s Day message that Sunday morning. In the middle of my addictions and reckless living before knowing Christ as a teenager, my parents prayed that I would one day give my life to Jesus and make him Lord. The bible's promises pierced their hearts and they knew only God could grab me out of the pit. My relationship with my family was strained, especially between my mother and me. I was angry and bitter. They grieved, but hoped. It was a time in my life that I wish never happened. To be erased. But call it what you want: any sin is still SIN! The end result was God's hand rescuing me and calling Him Lord. After speaking with Steve and my mom, I emailed back Pastor Jerry and accepted the offer. So my mom and I have been breaking down our message. Talking about where our focus should be. Where do we feel God is leading us? (to be announced of course)

We did a similar mother-daughter message at a church about a decade ago and it ministered to several. However, our family is at a different place spiritually. When we first shared our testimony I was married to Steve for only a couple years. We did not have children yet. Since then I now understand sacrificial love by having kids of my own. I pray one day my boys will know God and accept Him as Savior. I can finally put myself in my mother’s shoes and understand how sorrowful it must have been experiencing me running from God.

My spiritual journey has gone through twists and turns too – learning as I walk through life’s valleys, meadows and mountains. I’ve come to a place where I judge others less and desire to be more Christ-like. I've learned how to be a servant of the Lord. There have been times when Steve and I had to trust wholly in the Lord and He’s come through – maybe not how we planned, but God is sovereign and His ways are not always ours. And I’ve experienced God’s wonders and He’s always revealing more of Himself as I dwell in the Word.

I have forgotten most of my past through the renewing of my mind. Right now it’s hazier than ever. But lately I’ve been asking God to help recall areas that need to be shared. To remind me of my darkness during such an unpleasant time. Not that I need to relive the moment, but it would help me share what was in my heart at that particular time. It’s funny how God comes through because I’ve been in many situations these last couple weeks where He’s done just that - reminded me of His love for me even though I didn't deserve it. (And my local church’s series on God’s grace was an added bonus.) What timing!

So I ask you to think of my mom and me until Mother’s Day. Please pray that God touches lives that morning. That my family’s journey will minister hope to those who have given up. That relationships are restored. Renewed. That the message of forgiveness takes over. And most of all - that God is glorified!

Taken Thanksgiving 2002


Wordless Wednesday: No More Highchair!

Now we can sit at our table as a family of four!