I'm Still Here....Really I Am!

Good grief, has it really been over a week since my last post? I guess so! Again, time is passing, things are happening and I am absorbing every morsel of my summer days.

Last weekend we took a trip to Terre Haute to visit my brother and his wife (Jeff and Erin). On Saturday we attended an Indianapolis Colts practice. The guys had fun and Matt actually named off several players. That boy! Erin and I had more fun observing the crowd. Behind our smiles was actually boredom! We endured.

On Sunday Jeff, Steve and Matt attended the Brickyard Race while I stayed behind with Erin and Mark for the day. It was a very lazy day for us and I loved it. What's better than relaxing on a couch watching "Overboard"?

Then my icing on the cake was Monday. My best friend, Kristi, was visiting from Texas. We including six more of our friends splurged on a limo drive up to Chicago. We shopped, dined, laughed and talked. I had a blast!!!

To view our photos of the weekend --> CLICK HERE!

And maybe I'll post more....we'll see!


These Days

Life is moving here. Fast. While at my favorite place in the whole world, Walmart (and please know I am kidding), I noticed the many many boxes full of school supplies. Matt announced that he's not ready for school yet and I agreed. Summer, at least July, has been lazy, free and fun. I don't know, talk to me in August and I may be ready for a schedule again. Then talk to me in September and I'll be wondering what to do with my two and half hours worth of free time while Mark is in preschool.

As for my blogging funk, I think that has ended, but I've been absent only because I've been busy elsewhere. I absorb my walks to the park with neighbor friends and DQ runs. Sorry if that comes before typing on this thing.

Yesterday I was delighted when I received this award. It's been awhile since I've been nominated for something.....and that's ok. Thank you, Jewels, for making me smile. And to think I got this during my hiatus? Go figure!

So now I will conjure up breakfast for my starving boys and see where the day takes us.


Sweet Home, Chicago!

On Monday our family headed up to Navy Pier and visited the Children's Museum. The weather was perfect, so we took the opportunity to walk around and indulge in some ice cream, plus the boys got a little...uh...a lot wet! CLICK HERE to view photos.



I'm in a major blogging funk right now. I'm just not in the mood. Plain and simple. And it's not only because our family is enjoying every minute of our summer's free time, I just have things preoccupying my mind. Nothing major or urgent, but just, well, things.

As of now I may be taking an out-of-the-blue blogging break, but who knows, maybe I'll rise up from my funk and get back to things in a day or two. We'll see. Until then, I'll leave you with photos from our recent trip to a local town's splash pad. Signing off...for now.


Luck, Please Knock On My Door!

If I said this once, I'll say it again: CROCS RULE! And I am about ready to shout it from the roof tops if it means I have a better chance of winning this!


High School Friends....and still clicking!

We are minivan driving, vomit cleaning, baseball cheering, fight refereeing, snack toting moms now. Who would have thought that one day our children would be playing at a park together?
Thanks for a great day, Happi!


Flicks & A Friend

Good times are here again! Steve aced his last test yesterday and got a whoppin' 97% in his summer class. This morning it was so very nice to eat breakfast with daddy included and he didn't have to work in front of this computer or read boring textbooks hours on end. We haven't done that in ages!

We celebrated The Fourth by seeing Wall-E and let me tell you, Mark was the best viewer ever considering it was his first theatre experience. SCORE! Pixar never lets us down with a good story and an even better meaning behind it. And after baths we watched National Treasure: Book of Secrets. Too bad microwave popcorn doesn't hold a candle to movie theatre popcorn, but it worked. That was an excellent family flick. A must see!

Today I am meeting a friend at a park with our kids. Happi, remember sitting right behind me and writing those continuing notes back and forth in sophmore literature class? Can't wait to see you and have our boys finally play together.