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You know you are one trend setting fashion diva when you look at your freshly washed laundry pile and it consists of pajama bottoms and T's.


Little Gems This Weekend

Here are things that put extra liquid in my half full glass this weekend:
  • Saturday I had my families over for pizza since my brother and wife were up visiting. Always nice!
  • When I asked Mark if he was ready to play in our church's nursery, he walked in voluntarily!
  • Steve accomplished a big task and rewired our entire speaker system to accommodate the new 55in TV arriving Tuesday. Just in time for the Super Bowl -- 6 more days, baby!! Matt anticipates watching a Star Wars movie or two, which is just as nice.
  • Sunday night we ate out at one of our favorite places: OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE They offer a complete gluten free menu and Matt devours their ribs. Our waitress was so nice and helpful -- makes dining out a delight when you have such great service! Maybe it’s because her name was LORRIE???? hee hee

Have a great week, mate!!!


Our Growing Peanut

Some milestones worth mentioning:

  • Mark’s balance is developing more and more. I know this because he prefers to jump from the bottom step onto the ground. He thinks he can stand on his police car rocker toy. Even attempting a somersault is not a problem. I’ve gasped many times! He is tough as nails.
  • When Mark does #2 he will approach me, grab his crotch and say, “P P.” (Making a P-sound) If I don’t get up right away, he will put his hand under my butt and attempt to push me up. Guess he wants it changed ASAP??? On second thought, I would too! Look at the bright side: EASY TOILET TRAINER!!!
  • He prefers to eat things in "doubles". While eating a Cheez-It, he demands to have one in each hand while chewing on one already. Maybe he feels secure knowing the next one is ready?
  • On the subject of pickiness, he gets all bent outta shape when I pause TV (DVR). He will yell at the screen because something is “wrong”. Also, if something isn’t in place or a door is left ajar, leave it to Mark to fix it. He will not move on until it is. Possible OCD???
  • Mark desires to put his own pants on. Even though he fails over and over again, it is too cute watching his little feet trying ever so hard to go down one pant leg and then the other. One day I found him walking into a room with one of my T sleeves up one leg!
  • As Matthew hums “Star War’s” theme song, Mark hums along in his screaming sort of way. Actually, he seems to like that screaming sound all the time.


Help for a Nagging Mom

Yesterday after picking Matt up from school we headed to our local mall. It has been months since I walked that place. During the holiday season I avoid it like the plague!

We were in Children’s Place and Matt insisted he push Mark in the stroller. Matt likes to help that way, but in my opinion it ends up causing more problems than helping.

“Matt, watch where you are going.”
“Matt, you are going to run into that lady.”
“Please stay next to me!!!”
“Don’t fight with Mark.”

"Keep it straight."

"Look in front of you."

These comments rushed out of my mouth and I was nagging about everything (big and little). Then I make the threat that Matt is taking away the opportunity to play in the Child Zone and all seems well again.

As we make our way out of the store in comes a family with a boy (probably 3 or 4). They are complaining about everything. Junior isn’t walking right.....standing right.....looking right.....talking right......

He wants to sit down. “Get up now,” the mom says in that annoyed voice. He wants to look at something. “Ugh, can you please stay here. You drive me nuts!!!” At this point both mom and dad start bickering at one another.

"Are you going to let him do that?"
"Will you watch YOUR son!"
"This is pointless!"
"You're not tired. Get off the floor!"
"Will you just walk!"

Everyone in the store can hear their struggle. I witnessed the toll it was taking on this little boy. It was a sad sight.

Looking back, Matt was trying to help and sometimes I nag over little things. He is only 6. He has a 6-year old mentality. I have to understand that. Granted, if Matt were going to run into a lady, I would have to step in, but his intentions were genuine and true. He wasn't out of control like I was painting him to be. He wanted to help his mommy. Most of my rants were about things that never happened anyway. I had to ask Matt for forgiveness about my stinky attitude. Even though I may have been tired of shopping, he didn't deserve that.

Can anyone relate?



What's Happening????

I woke up this morning and realized I have to endure 3 more months of winter. Someone pat my back and tell me it will be alright. The boys loves snow, but I prefer sitting on green grass while my little men play outside in shorts and T's. Until then I will sit here and drink my coffee from a mug with a snowman on it. BOO HOO

Monday I took Mark to U of C for a follow up on his endoscopy (October). All is well. Let's move on....

Matt brought home his report card. He received great marks on everything. That's my boy!

12 days until Super Bowl XLI, but who is counting?

Each morning I need motivation to get out of my PJ's and run errands. A hot shower feels oh so nice, but sometimes I prefer lazy days in sweats.

On that note I need to start my day....take a shower....and run to Target.

Bye bye PJ's! **sniff sniff**


More About Me

Stephanie tagged me to answer the following:

What’s your name and website URL?

My name is Lori and you are here at Glass Half Full

What’s the most fun work you’ve ever done, and why?

Painting a church in Detroit with my high school youth group. We laughed, worshipped God together, and experienced God’s blessings as we helped.

Name one thing you did in the past that you no longer do but wish you did?


Name one thing you’ve always wanted to do but keep putting it off?

Paint/decorate the rest of our home.

What two things would you most like to learn or be better at, and why?

Organizing and keeping my home in order for obvious reasons. (Not that we live in a pig sty, but when I walk over Hot Wheels time and time again I am ready to scream.)

If you could take a class/workshop/apprentice from anyone in the world living or dead, who would it be and what would you hope to learn?

Suze Orman Someone needs to explain to me how the stock market works and how to invest money. I leave that for my hubby to do!

What three words might your best friends or family use to describe you?

Outgoing, funny, hospitable

Now list two more words you wish described you…

Patient and quiet

What are your top three passions? (can be current or past, work, hobbies, or causes– three sentences max)

Reflecting Christ, being a good wife/mom and staying connected with friends

Write and answer one more question that YOU would ask someone

During the week when is your alarm clock set to go off? 6:40am


Battle in the Midwest

First the Chicago Bears won today and declared themselve the NFC Champions going to the Super Bowl. Now the Indianapolis Colts won their division ready to play in Miami as well.
I respect both teams considering I live in the middle of these two cities.
Super Bowl XLI will be a great game indeed!
May the best team win!


A New Low???

While Matthew is eating breakfast this morning he says, “Mom, this cereal has a 110 calories. Wow. That means it is over 100% good for me. That means it is higher than fruit and vegetables!”

I wasn’t about to explain the concept of calories to a 6-year old.


Onto other news........

How many of you are American Idol fans? I admit not getting into this competitive show until last season when Taylor Hicks won. Simon Cowell’s honesty is harsh, but he usually sums up exactly what I am thinking.

I anticipated this season, but something isn’t the same. Is it me or are the celebrity panel of judges not only criticizing but ridiculing those that obviously appear to have mental challenges? I recall laughing at some, but feeling bad because these contestants obviously do not know better. I would never poke fun at an individual with special needs on the street, so why am I considering this entertainment?

A few teachers at Steve’s high school already decided to ban this season because they felt the judges crossed the line. Being educators, I take their opinions seriously.

Steve and I know one that "made it to Hollywood" and a couple that didn’t. They all said there is a first audition where they pool the “really awful” and “really good” together before they stand in front of Simon, Randy and Paula. All the mediocre go home. So it’s not like these auditions are surprises, but planned.

Feeling a little convicted over here. I am wondering if I should pull the plug on this season too. Has American Idol hit a new low? Are these harsh comments and laughing to humilation going too far?


No Matter What

"Be good to your servant, God;
be as good as your Word.
Train me in good common sense;
I'm thoroughly committed to living your way.
Before I learned to answer you, I wandered all over the place,
but now I'm in step with your Word.
You are good, and the source of good;
train me in your goodness.
The godless spread lies about me,
but I focus my attention on what you are saying;
They're bland as a bucket of lard,
while I dance to the tune of your revelation.
My troubles turned out all for the best
they forced me to learn from your textbook.
Truth from your mouth means more to me
than striking it rich in a gold mine."
Psalm 119:65-72

If my day is good. If my day turns bad. If life is going well, but then throws a curveball. My kids are healthy, then one turns ill. I am treated with kindness, then slapped by rudeness. My marriage is full of contentment, then struck with arguments.
No matter what my circumstance I know that God is good. It is His nature. Mercy overflows on His creation. He loves me and I am His -- no matter what!


Wordless Wednesday: First Snow

Matthew insisted on shoveling the driveway while I stayed warm indoors.


Friends Forever

Yesterday Steve ran to Walmart to purchase more storage bins. We worked on our basement and tackled more clutter. Feels oh so nice!

In the middle of our task I came across two shoeboxes full of photos. I flipped through hundreds of pictures. I kept everything! Some were of high school homecoming dances. College years. Friend gatherings. Others were of church retreats and mission trips. Memories flooded my brain. Some good. Some bad. I realized what photos were important. What memories God would want me to keep. Some photos expressed a time in my life that wasn’t so pleasant living in rebellion and contrary to Scripture.

Those photos were tossed. Burned up. Forgotten. I will start a new slate and make that past dead.....why not.....God did!

However, as I flipped through these pictures I found several that were precious. Ones of family. Ones of those that I remain connected to now. In honor of Happi this one is for you.

This photo was taken in 1990. We decided to dress up as cool as possible and snap some shots. Should have graced the cover of Seventeen, right?? I don't think so!! The jacket and tie I am wearing are my brother's.

Hey, Happi, looks like we stuck it through thick and thin! Love ya!


On the up-swing

1st: Mark is battling a bad cold like Matt had a week ago. He is running a slight temperature with the usual yucky stuff a cold brings. The croup is done and we'll move on soon enough. But we are all rested and back to sleeping well at night.

2nd: Chicago Bears are in the NFC Playoffs. "BEAR DOWN, CHICAGO BEARS!!!!"

3rd: Steve and Matt are home because of MLK. Very nice to have an extra "weekend day".



I was up all night dealing with croup (Mark). I feel sick because I lack sleep. Just another mountain to climb over. Gonna rest today.

UPDATE: Mark is doing well and I was able to rest during his nap today. I failed to mention that MARK slept thru most of the night, but I was on pins and needles. Your words and prayers mean a lot.


Deja Vu

It happened AGAIN!

This morning I went to Target. As I was waiting to be checked out a man with a red shirt and khakis approached me. He eyed my items and said, “I’ll check you out at customer service. Come on.”

“Great,” I replied. I needed to leave soon in order to get Matthew from kindergarten anyway.

I follow him to the counter. He starts on my items. (I had several.) All of the sudden three customers show up that need to make returns and what not. They obviously see I am checking out and not returning anything.

The stares. The sighs. Can you believe this happened to me again???

Painful Bites (for mother & son)

This morning Matthew complained about his bottom tooth while eating breakfast. So I, the dental assistant I used to be, came over to check out the problem: A LOOSE TOOTH!!!

The reality of my little boy growing up hits me like a blow to the head. I then explained that a permanent tooth will replace that tooth. That he will have to care for it the rest of his life.

“You will get an adult tooth when that one falls out.”

ADULT TOOTH! Did I actually say that? Yes, I did.



On the top of my list

Have you seen that Home Depot commercial where a family is trying hard to find something? They are looking through piles of papers, boxes, shelves of clutter, cabinets jammed with stuff and more. Instead the mom stumbles upon their "New Year's Resolution" list. It reads:

"4. Get organized"

The mom responds, "Maybe we should move 'get organized' to number one."

Oh how that commercial hit home. Our basement looks like one big storage bin. Things piled everywhere. Toys that are cycled in and out from being upstairs. Baby equipment collecting dust. Decorations I assume I will eventually use, but never do. And I won't begin to mention the other "what if" items that have been "what if-ing" for YEARS!! Are you feeling the pressure? I sure did!

Monday I called a local pregnancy assistant center to donate our baby gear. (Yes, we feel "complete" with two boys if you must know!) Next was a phone call to Amvets to pick up other items collecting dust.

Today I am left with more boxes to prepare! On that note......BACK TO WORK!


Sharing a Journey

March 2000 Stephanie along with her husband came to our home and announced they were having a baby (Noah). We were also expecting a child of our own (Matthew). We were so excited to share the special journey called parenthood together. It bonded our families. (Our hubbies were already best friends since high school.) We understood each other. Enjoyed many stroller-filled mall trips. Toddler meltdowns. Girl-time shopping while our hubbies watched the little ones. Super Bowl games. Cookouts. Picnics. Park trips.

September 2000 at my baby shower with Noah and Matthew in our tummies

In 2005 we shared this journey again while pregnant with Mark and Gray. It was special all over again. Being there for each other. Sharing our morning sickness. Backaches. Just being plain tired because this time we had other little ones to care for. Now we have to drive separately to Old Navy or McDonalds. One van doesn’t fit all of us!!

October 2005 days before little Gray was born

Happy 30th Birthday, Stephanie! Thanks for being my friend. My shopping companion. An ear when I have “one of those days” and need to vent frustration. A rock during Noah’s major attack. A calm voice. A yummy chef. A fashion queen. A GREAT MOMMY AND WIFE!!!


"B-I-B-L-E.......yes that the book for me!!"

Papa and Nana H gave Matthew a bible this Christmas: The HoneyWord Bible

Our church encourages kids to bring their bibles in order to look up scriptures during Sunday school lessons. For awhile Matthew was bringing the one given to him when he was dedicated as a baby. Well, the Precious Moments-like look and King James Version wasn’t working!

HoneyWord is the coolest way for children to grasp God’s Word in a way that suits them. With catchy ways to remember the books of the bible and activities which connect verses to everyday life, we are in love with the HoneyWord way!

Look inside HoneyWord and let’s train our kids on "making God’s Word stick"!

Have a great weekend!!!


Lessons at Wal-Mart

Ran to Wal-mart yesterday. As I approached the check-out area, a blue-vested lady calls out, "I'll take care of you in isle 21." I reply, "Thank you. Oh, wait.....it says '10 items or less'. I obviously have more than that." (I was WAY over the limit!) "No problem, I'll still do it," she says as her hand motions to come by anyway as if there will be no problem.

There I am. Taking my items out. It was hard to handle everything on that small check-out table. And wouldn't you know it........

Here comes another customer. With less than ten items. As he is watching me check-out he gives me that glare. You know what glare I am talking about!

I wasn't even comfortable to explain the situation. I wanted to get my bags and high-tail it outta there. I felt awful even though I was persuaded to come. Haven't you been in a express lane and someone is checking out a cart-full? You wanna ring their neck and remind them, "You know the sign DOES say '10 items or less' for a reason!!" You could tell this man was hoping for an express-lane experience. I thwarted his plans! Just another lesson in patience. Not getting the full story. Being judgemental. Next time I'll keep my mouth shut when the roles are reverse.




Today we are busy taking down Christmas decorations. The mantle looks bare. The living room more s p a c i o u s without a tree by the window -- more room for the boys' tent and other things!!

When we are over this post holiday mess I will be able to post more. Enjoy your de-decorating too!!!

UPDATE: Tree is officially down. The bins put away. Toys still accumulate our space. Steve is making a list of supplies to start organizing items. Now let's put on a happy face until Spring!!!