Look What My Son Did

One day when Matt is getting under my skin, which happens every now and then being a social butterfly that he is and reminding him to turn this off and that off and to wash his hands and, well, you catch my drift! I need to look on this post and know what a special boy God gave us to raise.

During our homework conversation he told me that a student cannot have sugar. I told him all about diabetes and he confirmed that's what his classmate has. He then explains that his teacher gave Matt the job of taking this boy to nurse every day to get his blood sugar checked. The thought of someone looking upon my son as responsible warmed my heart. Matt said confidently, "She knows I have a special diet too, so I can handle this." But nothing prepared me for this.....

He then goes on to tell me he spoke to his art teacher. Let me admit that on Matt's report card he did well overall, but his conduct in art received an "S" for "sometimes". He was so distraught over that mark and Steve told him that maybe he should talk to his teacher about it. And he did! I guess he socializes instead of working on his projects (no surprise) and he committed to his art teacher that he would work on being more focused.

Matt did this. My Matt! Just when you think your child doesn't get it, you may be surprised that all your hard work is paying off. I know I feel that way today.



My mom called with news that my dad was released from the hospital today. God is so good! Please pray for his ongoing recovery and for peaceful minds.

Wordless Wednesday: We All Fit!


Movin' Right Along

I am dragging today. Mark and I are venturing out to Target in order to refill his nebulizer Rx. He had croup last night, which I anticipated could happen after Matt got over a chest cold last week. Mark took his breathing treatments with ease and went back to sleep singing "Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes". He's a breeze! Thankfully I have a Target $10 gift card coupon with an Rx - BONUS!

I spoke with my dad last night. His bowels are in motion (gross, I know, but a huge praise report). His spirits are better and we hope he is released sometime after Wednesday. I don't know how individuals deal with trauma without God and the Body of Christ praying and supporting!

Matt brought his report card home yesterday. He's doing well. No surprises. No troubles. No worries. That made me smile.

I guess I better get back to commenting on a gazillion blogs; entering Rocks In My Dryer's Bloggy Giveaways. Some serious rockin' stuff to win!


Looking at the Positive

Things that will brighten my day:
  • A morning cup of coffee with cream & sugar, please.

  • My new favorite snack to munch on: sugar snap peas

  • Our dishwasher!

  • A nice, hot shower and maybe I'll have time to blow-dry my hair too.

  • Clorox wipes (makes cleaning a bathroom swift and easy)

  • The time between 1:00pm and 3:00pm when Mark is down for his nap and Matt is still at school - ah, sweet peace.

  • Chapstick

  • Fresh, clean clothes (laundry day)

  • A bowl of cereal. I just love cereal! Especially Frosted Flakes now - it changes often.

  • This CD! "Hear Us From Heaven" is my favorite. When I don't know what or how to pray, I just pop in worship music and sing.

And one thing that would brighten my dad's day is getting his catheter out. Pray he "goes" regularly and fully! (Thanks)


Camera Flash

Saturday morning is our portrait appointment for our church's directory. Can I admit here that I am sooooo not in the mood to coordinate outfits, strike a pose and smile? And I can't reschedule since we booked it a month in advanced and everything is full. When I flip through this upcoming directory, I will always remember what transpired this week. Always. And the stress it put on my body isn't making my complexion so great either.

I just got off the phone with my dad. We spoke on the phone for 10-15 minutes and I absorbed every minute of our conversation. The boys got on the phone too and I am sure that was medicine for his soul. Hard to believe a couple days ago he was in such distress and yesterday the pain meds made him so loopy, his conversations were quite humorous. I heard more of my dad today and it made me feel good.

I better get some beauty sleep for tomorrow. Nighty night!


Right now it's 9:45am and I slept all night. I needed that and hope my mom did the same. She was definitely lacking in that department all week. Yesterday by mid-afternoon she left for home and we all know how caring for yourself helps you care for others.

My dad is doing well. Hopefully he'll be out of the surgical ICU by Saturday. Right now they are changing his lying positions throughout the day and then getting him up to sit in a chair. All of this helps his body heal faster. One thing we notice about U of C's staff is they don't waste time. They sure get the "show on the road"!

Today I am home to regroup myself. The boys' schedule is so off right now and their past two dinners have been hot dogs or McD's. (Anything to make things easier.) They need to sense some normalcy again too. I plan to head back up to Chicago Saturday and possibly Sunday.

And THANKS THANKS THANKS for thinking, praying, encouraging and supporting us.



Calling All Prayer Warriors!

As I type my computer's clock reads 2:33am.

Wednesday morning I received a call from my mom that my dad had pain Tuesday night. So bad that they called 911. After emptying more urine again that supposedly backed up from his prostate being swollen from his recent surgery, they associated that with his new pain and sent him home. (Don't get me started on that one!)

At 7am he wasn't better, but worse. My mom took him back and they did a CT. Since my father threw up from the pain he experienced earlier, they found out his diaphragm suffered a tear and his intestines/colon moved into his upper cavity, shifting his heart and left lung over, while collapsing the right lung. My mom requested an air lift to University of Chicago Hospital and we took off there. They knew my dad's body well from his previous surgery and cancer treatment. My mom wasn't going to have anyone else care for him now but them. Talk about being proactive! Way to go, Mom! In fact as the helicopter left with my dad, their Pastor's wife said she saw angels surrounding it as it flew off. I believe that!

After U of C's team made out their gameplan, he was in the O.R. around 5pm and came out around 10pm. All went well and he is breathing fully with no damage to the heart. Everything is reconfigured and put back into place.

So now we wait and pray. As I type I think about how my mom is doing. Is she sleeping? What will these next few days bring? Or weeks for that matter? As I type I drink my hot tea soothing a sore throat from such a dry hospital and taking many phone calls -- I sure used my cell minutes! I want to be there for them any possible way. Then I wonder if my mom will call at what is now 2:45am.

If this post sounds vague and choppy, forgive me. Just pray. We are in His hands.

UPDATE: My mom phoned this morning and my dad is doing well. They want him moving today as well as physical therapy like breathing exercises, etc. God is good!



New Wave

Ok, I am sensing a recurring theme here: NEWNESS!

This morning while my boys inhaled their "breakfast tacos", which are basically small pancakes wrapped around a sausage link (by the way, Pamela's Baking/Pancake Mix makes the best gluten free pancakes that even Steve and I eat them), Howard Jones' "New Song" came on our satellite's radio.

Now unless you had your head in the sand during the 80's, you should know some of Howard Jones' singles such as "Everlasting Love" and "No One Is to Blame". Not that I am an 80's techno-music fan (well, maybe I was), but this one spoke volumes after I declared my renewal:

"Don’t crack up, bend your brain, see both sides, throw off your mental chains......"

And in the midst of our meal my boys decided to break out dancing. Point well taken, guys!


A new day. A new look -- on life and this blog. A sense of starting over. A clean slate. I am wiping the dust off and moving forward. A complete 180.

And someone I know has a new journey that awaits! YAY!


In Control

My dad is home from surgery. All went well with no complications. He is already moving, drinking and eating. The longest part was waiting for him to "go" in order to be released. That took some time. Now everyone is relaxing at home and hopefully my dad's recuperation time will be short.

All of your comments have blessed me more than you know. Community & prayer -- it's a very good thing!


Emotional Detox

Those words popped into my mind after I got off the phone with my mom this morning. She gave me a needed pep talk and reminded me that even thought I "needed" God these last several days doesn't mean He ever left me to begin with. I never lost my mind even though it seemed like it. I stayed focused and pulled through. To know that God stands with me, by me and for me daily is comforting. And God bless Arianne who commented that God is "closer than breathing" -- what confirmation! God knew what I needed to hear and He poured His love on me.

I told my mom that I never want to become that apathetic Christian when life is good. When I am coasting I tend to forget that I need God. I pray less. Read His Word less. Off He goes to the backseat as I drive off taking my days for granted until **BAM** God reminds me that He is above all and in all and totally in control. It's never about me, but Him! I can't do life on my own even when life seems content and peaceful. I still need Him to guide my attitudes and tongue. Even on good days, I stumble.

At this moment I feel my emotional baggage draining and I will refill this vessel with joy, peace, love and kindness. Let the healing begin!

Wordless Wednesday: "Take cover!"


This I Know To Be True

  • My dad will be ok. His surgery will go well and his recovery will be short. (Surgery this Friday -- please pray for him.)
  • Matt is over strep throat.
  • Mark is recovering from a nasty stomach bug as well as strep throat.
  • A shower can renew my day and mind!
  • Soon life will be normal and I will have enough time to visit my blogroll. Right now, not so much.
  • Matt's rookie baseball sign ups are Saturday (season starts in May)
  • My God supplies all my needs -- and these last several days I have needed Him!


So That's It!

Ok, so my dad is feeling better. He is prepared for surgery and all should go well.

I took Matt in to see the doctor this morning (Saturday hours rock) and he has strep. Guess that sore throat was something after all!

Around 7am when Mark did his usual mommy call to get him this morning he told me he was wet. I checked his PJ's and found a damp spot. Then I found something else. It wasn't poop. What was it? I even put it up to my nose to smell it. When I opened up the shades to brighten his room it was apparent that he threw up in the middle of the night. Never cried for me. Never moaned. We never heard a thing. He's just fine playing like any other day. What toddler throws up and never whimpers about it?

Our movie just keeps getting better and better!

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

UPDATE: Mark's throat is now all swollen. Gonna make another call in the morning and hopefully our pediatrician will come through and help on a Sunday.


One Thing After Another

Thanks for all of your encouraging words. It's so good to know a community of believers are praying and standing with you.

These past few days have been stressful and I don't do well with stress. It affects my appetite and flow of my day. My dad needs surgery. In a nutshell his already enlarged prostate cut off his urethra, which backed up his urine. He was in such pain and my mom took him to the ER Wednesday. They emptied a 2-liter bottle's worth! On top of that they found calcification in his bladder (probably bladder stones), so he'll need that taken care of too. It's been a lot for my mom to deal with and my dad has felt less than comfortable. And I feel guilty as they go through another battle without my help, but there is always prayer.

Tuesday I decided to start potty training Mark, but when my dad's problems hit the fan along with Mark's lack of absorbing toilet skills, I gave up. I feel like a failure, but he won't be in diapers at age five, right? I called it quits for a little bit. I can't be mean about it and with my emotions everywhere, it's just not a good time to force anything.

And for most of the week Matt has complained about something. A few days ago it was his stomach, which didn't result in anything, and last night it was a bad sore throat. I just didn't need the extra whining and complaining.

Steve has been busy all week. His classes started back up and I found out I will have to back out of my Bunco group since one class meets on Tuesday nights. On top of that he has basketball games and other meetings. I've been kinda lonely and my attitude has needed tweaking.

This will pass. Life moves on. God is in control and His promises are new every morning! I just needed to vent.....


Please Pray

My family has a lot on their plate as I type. I can't go into details at this time, but I know many of you that visit this blog believe in God's healing power. Please pray for my dad. He needs God's touch right now. And if I didn't get to your Wordless Wednesday or post today, well, maybe later. Right now I need to step back and breathe. (And, no, it has nothing to do with cancer coming back - praise God!)

And also think of Steph's little man, Carter, who suffered a perforated ear drum last night. He needs God's comforting hand too.

Also I am reminded of this request.

And while we are on the subject of healing, my cousin, Jason, has a daughter that was just diagnosed with SDS (Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome). God will see little Emma and their family through too!

I will update you later. Thanks.

Wordless Wednesday: A Cherished Gift

My Christmas gift from Steve I promised to share. What a treasure! Now the question is where to hang it. I have a few options. We'll see!

Taken from this photo (November 2005)


In January?

A thunderstorm/tornado warning in January? Who would have thought? Here in the Midwest we should be dealing with winter storm warnings and/or freezing temps. Our area hit a record high of 65!

You can imagine my shock when I entered our basement this morning and found a LARGE puddle of water around our sump tank. Steve came straight home from work. We moved everything out and cleaned up. Seems our sump pump either had an obstruction around the floater or it's electrical problem. All it took was a jiggle of the cord to get it working again.

So a fan is helping to dry the area up and now I have a good reason to reorganize everything we moved out. Look at it this way, at least we don't live here where tornadoes hit -- may I repeat, in January!


7 Things You Don't Know About Me

Ok, I've done this before here and here. Let me pick my brain even more to reveal things you may not already now about me.

1. I can juggle. Not well, but average.

2. Five years ago Steve and I vacationed in San Diego. When we came back to our hotel from a day long tour around the area, we walked into the elevator with Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders). It was my first time being star-struck. We shared that ride for many floors. Very cool!

3. I share my birthday with President Ronald Reagan (February 6th).

4. This may not necessarily be about me, but today the Midwest will set a record high: mid 60's. Talk about weird! This morning Matt wore his light jacket to school -- in January!

5. I love pineapple and Canadian bacon on pizza.

6. I have never had a manicure.

7. I am the only girl among my brothers and male cousins. No wonder God blessed me with two boys. I have lots of experience!

Thanks for the tag, Steph! Here are mine:


Back To the Old Grind

Today marks the end of Christmas break. It was great to sleep in without a bus stop time to worry about. It was good to see friends and family during the holiday season. After three failed attempts to get our families together because of illnesses, Steph and I finally did it! Catching up New Year's Eve felt oh so very nice! (Did I ever mention Steve and Jeff have been best friends for almost two decades? And that I met Jeff in 8th grade at a youth group? TRUE!) And finally, we enjoyed Steve on vacation for almost two whole weeks. That was extra special!

On Monday schedules, routines, bedtimes and homework are back in session. I am not looking forward to early mornings again, but a routine sounds good. Bedtimes a dream. And homework....well.....that's not my work, but Matt's!


The Force Was With Us

Today we went to Chicago's Museum of Science & Industry for the Star Wars Exhibit and more. I'll let this slideshow speak for itself -- we had an absolute blast!!! (And getting Mark to smile was very difficult with his impatient desire to do everything.) Friday I am off to MOPS for their annual spa day. Oh to be pampered -- can't wait!! I deserve that after a long day out. My feet need a good massage. Off to bed.....



A Daily New Year

Are you a New Year's resolution maker? Every December do you make a list of areas that need tweaking? Fixing? Or possibly need a complete overhaul?

I am not that person. One day I seem to be on top of things and in one moment all can change. Maybe that's why I never make resolution commitments because eventually I won't live up to most of them. All that pressure hanging over my head to be more organized, eat healthier, manage my time better or becoming closer connected with friends makes my head spin. I guess that's what life is all about: FLEXIBILITY!! I know my life is known for curve balls and circumstances, isn't it?

Every day I strive to be the best wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend, which I hate to admit I fall short of from time to time. But what about my character? Do I ooze Christ in my daily life? Do I aim to please others or God? Do I put gain in earthly idols or the fruits of the Spirit? This shouldn't be a yearly reflection when December 31st rolls around, but a daily conviction and renewal. If my goal was to become more like Christ wouldn't other areas naturally do a 180 and improve?

What about you? Have you made any resolution plans? Need to refine an area in your life? (And just because it's typed with black/white in my comments section doesn't mean I'll beat you up if you don't live up to your promise -- we're human!)

Here's to a New Year in my journey with the Lord!