He Was Born In A Small Town

Most of you have listened to John Cougar's song "Small Town", right? Well, that describes Steve's childhood neighborhood to a T. There isn't a 10 minute drive to Target or ample choices of where to eat out -- like Chilis or even a McDonalds. Steve and I were married a year when the town got a Burger King (attached to a gas station) and a few years later they were blessed with Subway.

The hustle and bustle of the holidays are coming soon. Traffic will get frustrating where we live. Shops are crowded. Parking lots become a boxing ring as individuals fight for that premium parking spot. It's enough to drive any person crazy and I realize this time is getting closer and closer. Ugh. I am already trying to remind myself to put on the character of Christ, but it gets difficult.

Thanksgiving Day we spend our time in Steve's hometown with his family and relatives. I absorb the quiet drive out there in the middle of corn fields and farms. I appreciate the courtesy most drivers give at a 4-way stop. For me it's a time to rest before our holiday schedule makes our whole family tired.

Today I am thankful for small towns (especially Steve's) and the simplicity they bring. I look forward to next Thursday. What are your plans?