Oprah, You Let Us Down!

At this very moment I am chatting with my gal pal about Oprah's "Favorite Things" special. Bottom line: we need to refocus, people!

Are things nice to have? Sure. I enjoy having my DVR and HD TV. The internet is a wonderful tool as well as an iPod. But these are temporal. You can't die and take them with you. To witness an audience going all gangbusters over so much stuff was almost sickening. Haven't we said over and over again that Christmas isn't about things, but rejoicing about Jesus being born and being with families? What message are we sending out here? I guess we are getting off to a rough start this holiday season, huh?

What did you think? Sound off!

Oh, and I almost forgot, today I am thankful that I can choose life over stuff and I hope my boys are getting that message too.