These Days

Life is moving here. Fast. While at my favorite place in the whole world, Walmart (and please know I am kidding), I noticed the many many boxes full of school supplies. Matt announced that he's not ready for school yet and I agreed. Summer, at least July, has been lazy, free and fun. I don't know, talk to me in August and I may be ready for a schedule again. Then talk to me in September and I'll be wondering what to do with my two and half hours worth of free time while Mark is in preschool.

As for my blogging funk, I think that has ended, but I've been absent only because I've been busy elsewhere. I absorb my walks to the park with neighbor friends and DQ runs. Sorry if that comes before typing on this thing.

Yesterday I was delighted when I received this award. It's been awhile since I've been nominated for something.....and that's ok. Thank you, Jewels, for making me smile. And to think I got this during my hiatus? Go figure!

So now I will conjure up breakfast for my starving boys and see where the day takes us.