Flicks & A Friend

Good times are here again! Steve aced his last test yesterday and got a whoppin' 97% in his summer class. This morning it was so very nice to eat breakfast with daddy included and he didn't have to work in front of this computer or read boring textbooks hours on end. We haven't done that in ages!

We celebrated The Fourth by seeing Wall-E and let me tell you, Mark was the best viewer ever considering it was his first theatre experience. SCORE! Pixar never lets us down with a good story and an even better meaning behind it. And after baths we watched National Treasure: Book of Secrets. Too bad microwave popcorn doesn't hold a candle to movie theatre popcorn, but it worked. That was an excellent family flick. A must see!

Today I am meeting a friend at a park with our kids. Happi, remember sitting right behind me and writing those continuing notes back and forth in sophmore literature class? Can't wait to see you and have our boys finally play together.