When leaving the house by myself, I make it a point to sneak out so Mark won't catch me abandoning him – or so he thinks. When his beloved mother leaves he acts as if I am tearing his heart apart. I never quite experienced this with Matthew since he adjusted well to strangers and other caregivers, but Mark was a different story. It was mom and mom only.

Yesterday I needed to leave and take Matt to karate and tackle some errands before picking him up. You know that feeling when you’re about to walk out the door anticipating the cries of your child. “Oh, mommy, please don’t go!!!” Well, I was ready....

.....nothing....he’s actually laughing! He told me “bye bye” with such confidence. Out the door I went without a whimper.

Upon returning home I walk thru the door and instead of Mark running to greet me shouting “maaaaaa”, I found him kicked-back on the glider watching TV with Dad. He just smiled and stayed put. Guess it wasn’t a big deal after all.

He’s growing up. Figuring out his emotions and learning how to cope. He’s needing mommy less and slowly learning independence. (Bittersweet, I know.) It made me think about my spiritual journey knowing Jesus. At first we crawl and then walk. We drink the milk of the Word and then learn to digest the meaty parts. We are dependent, then learn independence as we learn our confidence of who we are in Christ. We need discipling and then in turn disciple others. Our journeys are constantly evolving. Growing. Changing. We are being molded. Shaped. Pruned. And through all the disappointments, trials, joy, grief, comforts, peace, illnesses......o
ur God loves us the same!!