In the Middle

This week was spirit week at school. Matt is seen here before catching the bus celebrating "tropical day". (Kinda looks like Jimmy Buffet don't ya think?) On Thursday I volunteered to be a mom helper. When I walked in the classroom I heard his buddies say, "Matt, your mom is here." And Matt responded with this confident, but cool "I know". My heart was swelling with pride! As I filed papers I spied on Matthew interacting with his classmates. Every so often he caught me and gave me a smirk. I gave him a wink in return.

I know I have said this over and over again, but I love having boys. That bond between mother and son is so precious it's almost romantic -- in a non sexual way! The time we cuddle together is priceless. When he kisses me good night I feel like I am the only lady in his eyes, but as years pass I know this will change. His feet are still the cutest part of his body and I don't mind grabbing his toes and giving them a smooch every now and then. Gross? I don't care!

So here I am sandwiched between Steve, Matt and Mark -- I wouldn't have it any other way!