A New Course of Action

I check my computer while I tackle things upstairs. The boys usually play in Matt's room -- laughing and then screaming someone took something from the other. I check email. Visit blogs. Reply to emails. Comment on other's blogs. Check our bills/online accounts. Before I know it, someone is hungry and we are back downstairs getting something to eat. It's a neverending cycle until.....
......I realized that I don't have to check this computer every blasted time I am upstairs. My time would be well spent playing a game with Matt, tickling Mark's plump feet or -- and please forgive me -- cleaning a bathroom. I know what you're thinking, but when I see rooms neglected it makes me feel my priorities are out of sorts. My blog can wait. Comments can wait. I don't have to post every day!
As I type this laundry is waiting. A kitchen needs tidying up. Dinner demands a plan of action. My kids need a mom to wrestle with. My hubby needs his best buddy (ME!). And finally a couch is calling my name for a catnap. So I will end this post and say I will enjoy some vacation time even if it only means a hot shower and a bowl of ice cream while watching a movie. Have a great weekend!
FYI: As you start your Saturday morning please tune into Qubo on NBC -- great family entertainment with a Godly message. Matt loves it!!!