Six Weird Facts

I have been tagged to admit six weird facts about myself. Hope these entertain someone:
  1. When I was a year old I caught Hong Kong Flu and almost died of dehydration. Although this sounds scary, I never really knew what Hong Kong Flu was! To this day my mom blames the neighborhood kid that came to my brother's birthday party sick.
  2. I cannot stand and I mean CANNOT STAND repetitive sounds like snoring, ticking, clicking, heavy breathing... You get my drift!
  3. Last fall I was a witness to the prosecution in a Federal case. The dentist I worked for was charged with Medicaid fraud. Felt like an episode of "Law and Order".
  4. My kitchen has to be clean before bedtime. Seeing a dirty dish by the sink in the morning can make or break my day.
  5. I am a constant declutter-er. The problem is I find myself doing it all the time. Shouldn't the clutter be gone by now?
  6. My automobiles HAVE to be cleaned out daily. Golly, do I sound like a neat freak?