First Steps

I am taking my first step into the world of "blogging". Seems strange to spill my guts out for the world to read, but to recall memories once written will be sweet -- at least the happy ones!

Having a house of 3 boys (one of them including my husband) makes me feel like I am surrounded by testosterone. Our weekends are full of NASCAR and Cubs Baseball. I long for time alone when I can be a couch potato and watch Oprah or What Not To Wear, then again, when do I have time for that? I could make a long list of why TiVo saved my life, however I feel guilty to admit TV is my way to relax.

Mark is my youngest (10 months now) and Matthew is five. Between Matthew's t-ball and preschool, I feel Mark is a very large purse than a baby! The poor child is taken from here to there, but fusses little about it. Has anyone drafted up what a mother would make if she was paid? From chauffeuring to a chef, I think "multi-tasking" is an understatement!!

As I type Mark is grabbing my hands, so I must end this and make dinner. What shall it be tonight: hamburger or spaghetti? The choices are endless!