More Rain Anyone?

I know I am going to look back at this entry and think, "I can't imagine what I have overcome!" It seems like 2006 has been full of challenges and lessons.

To spare you the gross details I'll simply say that Matthew had the WORST stomach/intestinal flu ever, which we found out was the dreadful rotavirus! If it weren't for Steve helping, I would have lost my mind. With Mark's ear tubes recently being put in, plus getting over an intestinal bug himself, and let's not forget Steve's surgery in the future, it seems like everything is piling on top of one another.

My mom told me I should always ask God, "How will You help me grow after this?" It's a neat thing when you allow God to change your heart. Yesterday I had to go to Walgreens to buy more Tylenol for Matt and then picked up dinner at KFC (fast food has become the norm here lately). The man at the drive-thru asked me, "What sides would you like with your 8-piece bucket?" I couldn't even make a decision. I was dealing with so much diarrhea, vomit, and clean up, I didn't care if I ate potato wedges or cole slaw! It reminds me when I've been ticked at the car in front of me when he/she wasn't ordering quick enough. There are people dealing with their own junk and probably feel the same way I felt yesterday. We never know what is going on behind closed doors. Boy, was this a lesson in learning patience!
I am hoping for better entries later...