Take A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Check out Steph's blog to view some memorable photos. Yes there is one of me and a few others from my blogroll.

Today I am busy gathering baby items for a family in need. My sister-in-law from Southern Indiana is due over any minute to grab everything for parents that just had twin preemies. After we comb through the house ridding everything meant for babies, we'll dive into lunch and chat. I'm sure I will wipe a small tear as they are driven away, but unless the sky parts and God strikes a lightening bolt declaring I am with child, it's not happening again. We are content with our two boys. With that now out in the open, I am rejoicing that these items will bless another family and not be tossed out.

UPDATE: Erin called me after delivering the items to the family last night. They were SO grateful and everything will be put to use. I think we cleared out my whole basement! I feel great!