Things are better. Thanks for asking.

Those oral steroids did a number on Mark's personality. One minute he was happy, then next minute he was crabby about something so trivial. That hit many nerves! His last dose was Friday evening, so we are enjoying normal, independent Mark again. He is still enduring morning and evening breathing treatments until his cough subsides. He's so good about it with the help of The Wiggles with Becky Bluegrass on the side: "Everybody clap.....everybody sing.....lah lah lah lah laaaaahh....."

Steve is on the mend. His muscles are still sore, but he's actually moving around. It was a bad case of the flu -- in September??? Go figure.

Matt and I soared through these illnesses with flying colors. Maybe a sniffle or two, but nothing major. Don't make me think what could happen if I was bed ridden during this crazy time! The garbage would be overflowing. Spills left to stick. Food left to rot. And two boys with greasy hair and dirty knees. Ick!

And speaking of the boys, I counted 21 mosquito bites on Matt and almost 10 on Mark. What's up with that? Steve and I agree that those pests came after the fall of man. What good are they but to fill the stomaches of many bats! Maybe we just need a new pet?

Now back to the Pokemon Labor Day Marathon. Oh joy. Matt is determined to get this top front tooth out, which is hanging by a thread, in order to find Pokemon cards under his pillow tomorrow morning.