A Whirlwind Day

Have you ever had a day that seemed like you are in a movie? You know, things are so off the wall that someone must be recording these series of events.

That was me on Friday -- with a little Thursday in the mix.

Wednesday night Mark spiked a temp. He started a cold Monday and with his ear tubes I needed to make sure they were still in place. I mean this fever crept out of nowhere. So Thursday morning with the temperature still up, I called the boys' doctor. We go in.

Ears clear. Tubes still in place. But I did notice his breathing was a bit heavy and crackly in Mark's throat. I assume it's part of the cold. Just mucus. No big deal.

"He's having an asthma attack," our doctor reveals. "WHAT?" I ask.

Mark never ceases to surprise me. He never complains. He was playing fine. So what's this about an asthma attack? The doctor shows me his belly region and sure enough, you can see Mark's stomach and rib cage contracting hard. Nice. I am the good mom that was on top of things. NOT! I felt awful.

So after two breathing treatments in the office and a couple more prescriptions, we were sent home. We already had a nebulizer for croup problems in the past. Thankfully this asthma attack isn't long term, just a result from the cold virus.

Is it weird to say I thanked the Lord for Mark's fever? I don't think so. If that fever never came, I would have gone on our regular day not knowing Mark's lungs were tightening. God is so good!

Fast forward to the early morning hours on Friday. Steve taps my side in bed and reveals he has a temperature of 103.5! Are you kidding me? I ask if he has an pain in his throat, stomach or head. He replies, "No." So he takes some Tylenol and goes back to sleep.

With a temperature of 100 he still decides to go to school anyway. That's Steve. Nothing slows him down. He thinks he's feeling better with the help of Tylenol until around noon when he temperature spikes back up again to 102+. He's off to immediate care since our doctor wasn't in Friday. With his temperature so high, Steve was a bit nervous.

Around 2pm I get a call from a nurse saying Steve got sick in the waiting room and that they were going to give him an anti-nausea shot which will knock him out. And the call came at a great time: Mark is napping and Matt is due home in an hour. You know, perfect timing!

You know, praise God for our neighborhood. Our good friend down the street came over to make sure Mark was looked after during his nap. So I was able to leave without bothering him. Then our other neighbor met Matt at the bus stop and took him to their home until I arrived back. This same neighbor watched both boys again while his wife took me back to the clinic so I could pick up Steve's truck. And let me just say that I parked that full-size truck in our 2-1/2 car garage without help. I rock!

After conjuring up a dinner consisting of chicken nuggets and carrot sticks, everyone had a chance to finally settle and rest -- especially me! Steve was finally waking after being out for 6 hours. I guess it's just a nasty virus. I got him to drink fluids and take a couple Tylenol. You think I let him off that easy? I reminded him next time he has a temperature of 100, please don't go to work, stay home and rest so I don't end up having to relive that day over again!!

So, what would you title this movie I lived in? How about "Whirlwind Days"? That has a nice ring to it.

Off to the mow the lawn because someone is zonked out on the couch again.......