What Goes Around......

It was one of those days. The boys were bickering at one another. They asked for another snack for the third time and it wasn’t even noon yet. One complained of the other touching their stuff. The other complained about the other taking their toy away. Then they started complaining just to hear themselves complain. As this is happening you can see the joy on my face melting away to that mean-mom expression. Come on, moms, admit it! We’ve all exposed that face from time to time.

If my memories serve me right I don’t remember seeing my mom lose it and get all frazzled like that. Did I really drive my parents to the brick of craziness like my boys do to me? We weren’t that bad just as long as we kept the bickering to ourselves while goofing off in the basement. I mean when my parents said, “Stop it,” we did immediately. Right? My brothers and I always knew our place during travels to and from church. I always walked along side my mom during our time in a grocery store. We always came to the table the first time called for dinner. And it never took multiple times reminding us to shower, brush our teeth and go to bed over and over and over again.

So one day in the middle of my daily chaos I asked my mom, “Good grief, did we do this to you growing up?”

She replied, “You three drove me nuts!” (I think I caught a little mean-mom expression in her face as she recalled that time.)