2007 Wrap Up

Oh, Steph, you come up with the coolest things! I had to copycat. Here are the first sentences from the first post of my blog each month in 2007.

January: Today we are busy taking down Christmas decorations.

February: The US Department of Homeland Security provides information on how your family should establish a plan in the event of an emergency.

March: This was taken on Mother's Day, one month before Mark was born.

April: I am back after my week long break.

May: No more highchair!

June: I don't know what it is about summer, but my mood is enhanced.

July: Sunday on our way home from church we stopped at our local farmer's market.

August: First, let me begin this post by saying everyone deserves a blogging break!

September: Have you ever had a day that seemed like you are in a movie?

October: When I started this blog my life was faced with many challenges.

November: In the past few days many things proved to be true.

December: We had a good time stuffing our faces with more turkey Saturday.

Blessings to all of you in 2008!