First Snow Fall

This morning at 6am I woke up to Matt tapping my side.

"Mom, can I go out and help Dad shovel snow?"

"Sure, if it's ok with him," I replied half awake and also thinking he was half nuts to want to go out that early. Off he went anxious to help out and earn a few dollars, not to mention spending time with Daddy out before Steve headed to work. As for me, I rolled over and slept a little more.

I have never understood my son's sleeping habits. Out of the womb he was an early bird and to this day he still wakes around 6am. Even if we tuck the boys in well past 10pm, Matt is still up at his usual time while Mark catches up on ZZZZ's. Other moms say this will change. I'll believe it when I see it!

But I had to rethink this morning. I was proud that my boy was so willing to help his dad out. Talk about early signs of showing a good work ethic!!! And when he came in to get ready for school he found $3 on the table. Trust me, I looked out the window and witnessed Matt shoveling a quarter of the driveway by himself and then some. JOB WELL DONE, SON!

And to celebrate this first snow fall of the year, I started laundry, lit my favorite holiday candle, listened to Mark belly laugh while tickling his feet and now during Mark's nap I will fold clothes while watching "Scrooge". Oh, and I almost forgot, make a cup of coffee!