Just the Four of Us

This week marks the last days of school. Unlike when Matt finished kindergarten, I am a bit down. Last year I wasn't too sad kissing those half day classes goodbye. Picking Matt up at 10:40am every.single.day got old real fast.

But this year is different. His 1st grade experience is over and while it excites me watching both my boys grow into the beings God created them to be, it saddens me at the same time that its moments never to grasp again. And to think Mark will be in full-day kindergarten in just two years...well...don't get me started on that one.

Now I won't leave you depressed thinking, "Gee, Lori really knows how to make my day! What a downer!" I am sooo looking forward to summer break. Even though June is jammed packed with swimming lessons, Matt's baseball season coming to and end and Steve taking a summer class that calls for tons of reading and typing, we purposely made July a month of less commitments in order to allow time to do family things -- whatever they may be.

I feel such completeness when I look at my family. Mark is out of diapers and in a regular bed -- the last two toddler mountains to overcome in my book. And while I whimpered a little taking down the crib a few weeks ago, contentment came in like a flood. To put these two to rest actually felt good. I can't explain it, but at this moment it feels good to move on and flow with time. And when July comes we can plan little family activities and not worry about packing diapers and getting that nap time in. Even though Mark still naps 2-3 hours every afternoon (thank God), he is able to last a bit longer without having a melt down.

Here's to summer break! Oh the possibilities.....