Ruled By the Clock

If I said summer break would be less busy without worrying about the clock, than I was really really really wrong!

With both boys home I find our mornings go by very quickly. They play and bicker. Eat and then eat some more. And some times they play so well together and I enjoy watching them share happily. In the midst of this I am still trying to be diligent with my workout routine and so far so good, but trust me, most days I would really like to skip it. My 45 minute high-energy pilates/yoga routine is interrupted with lots of, "Mom he's touching me and pushing me and hitting me and sitting in my chair and not watching what I want to watch...." Need I go on?

By the time I shower, which is a must since we are going out every day for swimming lessons and I prefer not to look like something the cat dragged in, it's lunchtime and then we are out the door.

We come home, Mark goes down for a nap, and I crash for a couple hours until it's dinnertime. Ah, those peaceful two hours go by way too fast, unless they are interrupted by any of Matt's neighborhood friends buzzing in and out our front door.

Steve's class is demanding to say the least. I am back to mowing the lawn for him and running errands with the boys in tow in order to give him a peaceful study space. I don't mind helping in this way, but again, it takes time away from my already busy day. I've had a basket full of folded clean clothes that has sat in the corner of our bedroom for five days. There is also a pile of papers screaming to be filed. Oh when will I get to this, I will never know!

So why I haven't been to your blog page lately....well....you can probably guess by now. I just can't do it all and, honestly, it's been the last thing on my mind.

All this craziness will end by the first of July, which is just around the bend. Steve's class will be over. Swimming lessons complete. And I purposed to keep July open for some family/friends time. Should be nice.