Peace and A Little Too Quiet

When Matt walks out the door to catch the bus in the morning I admit feeling relief. In between listening to him talk to the mirror and attempt to play with his Matchbox cars, sometimes it's a battle getting him ready on time. "Bye! I love you. Have a great day at school." I gladly send him off.

Mark is notorious at sleeping in so usually I absorb some peaceful morning moments sipping my coffee and reading the paper. Then I hear Mark gabbing. I assume he is peeking out the window because I can hear him say things like "darbage" (garbage cans) and "ar" or "duck" (car/truck). Sometimes he can entertain himself for up to an hour alone in his crib. Amazing, I know! I never had that with Matt, so I feel I deserve it.

Mark finally calls for me. He's up. We eat. Maybe get ready for errands. Maybe clean the house. Maybe start laundry. Or maybe just sit and play. Who knows! I just signed him up for our local library's toddler storytimes, so we'll see if he enjoys that. There is just a lot of freedom in how our day is spent.

Around 1-1:30pm Mark is ready for a nap. Ah, mommy's time! Matt isn't around to ask about watching Spongebob or Pokemon. I spread out on the couch and take full possession of the remote control. It's a great feeling!

Then around 3pm the house seems too quiet. Mark is still napping. I hear a sound. Is that Matt's bus? I run to the living room window. No. Sigh. I hear another vehicle passing by. Matt? Nope. I go back to the couch and just wait. I'm starting to get anxious. Anticipating my boy running through the door to elaborate about his day at school. I microwave some popcorn to greet his hard working, famished stomach. Finally, the door opens.....

"Hi, Mom, I'm home! I had a great day at school!"


Stop on over and wish Peanut Butter & Jelly Boats a happy pregnacy journey. It'll be her 4th. I know, how daring!!! Congrats, Sheryl, we love you!!!