Free At Last

Last school year I had to pick Matt up from kindergarten every day at 10:40am. Talk about a huge interruption to my morning not to mention my days were already scheduled around Mark's afternoon nap. I had to time everything just right in order to pick Matt up and then be back in time for Mark's nap. And taking Matt on an occasional after school errand was always interesting. He considered it pure torture!

Now that he is in school full day I have much more freedom in the morning. I can run to Costco, Walmart and grab lunch without having to worry about that inconvenient mid-morning pick up. This new found freedom also lead me to sign up for some of our church's activities designed for women -- especially MOPS!

I attended my first meeting Friday and completely fell in love with it. Mark goes to his program and I have 2 1/2 glorious, uninterrupted hours with my group of ladies to share, chat and learn from our experiences. Is there anything better than connecting with other moms on this level? I think not!