What Fall Slump?

Ok. Anyone that read about my autumn funk needs to scratch it from your memory. What was I thinking? Why was I such a basketcase about decorations and fall festivities? Why was I assuming my kids were being deprived of orchard fun? I splashed some cool water on my face and got over it. It's a new day!

Matt started fall break Thursday, so we traveled out to visit Papa T (Steve's dad). For those that don't know, he lives on 30+ acres of open farmed land and the crop was just harvested, which means "let's use the area as best we can." We had a blast! We took turns riding on Papa T's ATV, played frisbee, talked, ate and absorbed every moment being a family. Who says you have to go to special events and organized festivities to enjoy this colorful season? I guess I did at first, but these photos changed my mind. And Steve wanted to leave you all with a little something at the end, which shows his love for speed.