"I am not an autumn Scrooge. Really, I'm not!"

Monday morning Mark and I were on our way to the library's toddler storytime. As I drove down our subdivision's road I was gazing at all the autumn decor. Beautiful wreaths of colorful leaves hung on front doors. Pumpkins graced steps. Jack-O-Lanterns perfectly situated and ready for a candle. Cute scarecrows sat on benches. Then it hit me: we've done nothing to celebrate the fall season! I felt guilty and in a weird way, left out.

It wasn't my intention. Steve has been busy at work dealing with unexpected "pop ups". And try planning for something during the school week. Not happening. A couple weeks ago Mark and I were supposed to meet my MOPS group at the apple orchard. It was just under 50 and raining. No apple donuts or fresh picked apples or better yet, apple cider. We stayed home.

I started feeling sorry for myself. I thought and thought about my pumpkin-less house. I stewed about when I could possibly make time for my boys to enjoy the local fall festivities before November comes and it's 30 degrees. It was tormenting me. Year after year our family makes it a priority to do seasonal stuff, but this Fall was just....I don't know....different. Life is known for curve balls, isn't it?

After I put Mark down for his nap, I had to call my friend. She knows all about funks. I just needed to talk. And after we spoke, I felt better. (Thanks, sweetie!) I mean as long as my kids are clothed, eating well and have a place to sleep I am doing a good job, right? (Someone back me up here!)

Later this afternoon Steve called to let me know he was coming home from work. I shared my feelings with him. He said, "I'm sorry, babe. Well, I have to stop by Home Depot and get some winter fertilizer. I'll see ya soon."

"Ok." I hung up with the assumption he could care a less about my emotions. You know, guys never understand these things. Until......

He surprised me with 3 hay squares and 4 pumpkins. What a man! I just love him! So here is the final result and now I can rest. And if you're interested to view last year's set up: click here

Taped on the top window is Mark's craft he made at the library. I guess my kids aren't missing out after all!