Prayer Warriors

In 2000 my mom decided to start up a bible study. I was pregnant with Matt and already I knew this group of ladies would play an important part in my life as a wife and mother. After Matt was born I was fortunate to have free babysitting services from my dad and I enjoyed attending for many years. The community of prayer. Supporting one another. And most of all, my relationship with the Lord grew stronger and my heart was challenged often. We all learned how to reflect Christ more in our daily living.

But in February 2006 my mom had quit. Circumstances changed our family's course of action and priorities shifted. The bible study soon ceased.

Thursday we had a reunion luncheon. What is a ladies' gathering without food, right? It was as if we were still meeting weekly all over again. And one thing we realized: we've witnessed God's work in many valleys. The praise reports are too numerous to mention and God is still working miracles in the midst of trials today. And through it all we give the glory back to the One who saw us through. We all deserve a group of individuals like this.

Some of these ladies lurk here every now and then, so if one of you are reading this I want you to know I thank God for your prayers, faith, endurance, encouragement and strength. Many blessings back!

And on the subject of women's groups, today was MOPS and during our craft time we made an Autumn centerpiece for our table. For those that know me well would expect me to come up with another way to use this seasonal decoration.....