Know Your Numbers?

Today I received my blood test results. Nothing major, just the usual physical screening where they check cholesterol, blood sugar, etc.

Before I reveal the results let me go back a few weeks ago. I was watching the always enlightening Dr. Oz on Oprah and he kicked my butt hard. (Do you like him as much as I do? I love his prevention approach and his knowledge about healthy living -- being responsible for our bodies and proactive about our well being.)

So, back to my family room's couch. At that moment it dawned on me that I haven't seen our dentist in almost 2 years. This coming from the woman who worked in the dental profession. I never missed a 6-month dental recall before, so that got the ball rolling. Looks like the last time I visited our family doctor for a physical was sometime before Matthew was born -- 8+ years ago, I think! I was looooong overdue. Let me also add that I am always consistent with my boys' dental check ups and wellness appointments, but you know how a mom's needs get pushed aside while taking care of her family's. I just wasn't thinking of me. Life just got busy.

I made some calls: one to the dentist, one to our family's doctor and another to my GYN. Enough is enough. I had to grasp my health by the horns and take control.

So, back to my test results. Everything is excellent. Cholesterol. Excellent. Blood sugar levels. Terrific. I felt relieved to know I was ok. And let me add no cavities either!

So why am I posting this? To brag about my wonderful health? No. But, I am posting this to remind all you busy moms to take the time and be proactive about your health. Know what's going on with your body. Be in control of your needs. Happy homes function better with a happy, healthy mommy!

And speaking of knowing your numbers, this Saturday our family along with my parents are heading to University of Chicago Hospitals for their annual free celiac blood screening. Since celiac disease is an inherited autoimmune disease, it is important all families members with a celiac individual get tested every other year -- even without symptoms celiac disease can go undiagnosed. So we'll all be stuck with a needle except for Matt who will enjoy all the yummy gluten free booths provided by companies such as Wild Oats, Whole Foods, Pamelas Products and soooo much more. And may I also add, U of C's food court makes a mean cup of coffee! Enjoy your weekend.....