5 Weird Facts Part II

I was tagged before and now I am tagged again. I will conjure up five more weird facts that make me special and unique:

1. I have a strange fear of the Statue of Liberty. Don't get me wrong, I love the US of A, but maybe the end of Planet of the Apes caused this. And do not get me started on two other films which show Lady Liberty in despair: Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow. Actually, I think all statues are creepy!

2. When I was a little girl I enjoyed watching surgeries on Nova. Anything about the human body fascinated me. To this day I can watch Plastic Surgery Before & After while eating. I gotta strong stomach.

3. Tunes by Johnny Cash rock!

4. I sleep with one ear buried in my pillow and an ear plug in the other. My hubby doesn't snore, I am just a very picky sleeper.

5. Our bedroom alarm clock is purposely set 20 minutes fast. Don't ask why. It's been that way since Steve and I got married over 12 years ago. "On time" for us means "5 minutes early".