"Howdy Y'All!"

After leaving our snow dusted town Thursday morning, we got off our plane and Steve immediately said....

"It's stinkin' hot here!"

Yes, we are in San Antonio, y'all! Home of the Riverwalk, The Spurs, great food and The Alamo.

It's sunny and almost 80 here. Flowers in February? Yes, I tell you!

I can go on about the weather and quiet time with my hubby. I guess I will take this opportunity to brag about Steve surprising me with a spa treatment tomorrow afternoon. (Happy be-lated Valentines Day!). I will also gush about the hotel's whirlpool and taking long hot showers without worrying if Mark got into our office's stash of highlighters. (Our hotel's bath products smell so good, even that is a spa treatment!)

Yes, I can go on about these things. These wonderful, pampering, rejuvenating things. But I miss my boys tremendously. I catch myself watching home movies still stored in our digital camera and blowing kisses to the screen. I love my kids to pieces and can't wait for their sticky hand hugs when we arrive back home. I'll take our cold, dreary Midwest weather for that!