No Place Like Home

Before turning in Sunday night I looked to Steve and said, "You know, there is a point during a vacation when you are ready to come home."

We both agreed it was that time. After touring San Antonio's Riverwalk and much more, we were ready to close the book and head for home. Vacations are known to do that, huh? The only thing holding me back: parting with my dear friend, Kristi. Thanks for the hospitality, girlfriend, and one day we'll be back with the whole family.

We returned to a full blanket of snow, flannel sheets and winter coats. (May I remind you the temperature in Texas reached 90. Oh, yes, 90!) Our main computer's monitor is on the fritz, so you'll have to wait for photos. Right now my boys are sleeping like angels and I anticipate my "sticky hand hugs" any minute..........