Am I (or you) a Republicrat?

This week the Democrat primary hopefuls are in my state campaigning away. (And let me also say that Johnny Depp was in our area filming a movie about Dillinger. The town went crazy....or so I was told since we were in Hawaii at the time. Honestly, I found it a little obnoxious. Isn't there more to be concerned about than wondering what Depp looks like in real life?) ANYWAY....

I've done little to review every nook and cranny about Obama, Clinton and McCain, but I get an overall sense of their political views, so-called strategies and beliefs. Obviously McCain doesn't need to do much since he won his party's ticket already.

One wants "change". The other wants complete health care reform. "I'm qualified." "No, I'm more qualified!" "I have experience and this one doesn't" Then there's Iraq. Oh, Iraq. I won't start a firestorm on this blog about that subject. Period. It's not even close to November and already we are experiencing heated debates and down right nastiness.

The other day I ran across this post from a family that runs our church's multi-site planting. He expressed my feelings exactly.