This weekend our family had a taste of what lies ahead: SUMMER

Now I know we only hit the mid-60's, but seriously, my mood was altered from gloom to joy just by the warm sun. And I guess having the boys play outside for hours on end helped too. All their bickering and rough-housing wasn't occurring five feet away from me. I had several moments of peace in my kitchen watching from the window as they screamed and hollered in outdoor bliss.

Sunday Matt (#33) had his first flag football game. It was so much fun! Matt was Mr. Quick as he dodged and spun around the field. Mark made sure to cheer for his big bro: "Go orange. Hi, Matt!" A far cry from trying to keep his attention with suckers and toys like we did for two years at baseball games. He was really into the game and we noticed how much he looks up to Matt. Truly sweet!

And on the subject of kids and sports, I am wondering if I fit the description of what a soccer mom is? Can someone define it for me and I'll decide. Right now I think I fit the bill! -- Is that a bad thing?