What You Don't See May Surprise You

This seems like a cute snapshot, huh? It was taken during my family's belated Easter gathering. But what you may not have noticed right away is the several grease stain splatters on my shirt. I was cutting the ham when a huge chuck fell into the juices. All. Over. Me.

As I studied this photo it made me think: while trying to smile appearing to be all put together, may not appear to be so.

Behind this mommy is a woman who sometimes allows potato chips for breakfast. During my workout (which I am committed to keep up with) I sit Mark in front of the office's TV with a full hour of Blue's Clues to keep him occupied. And, yes, when that ring pop falls in the grass, I may not rinse it off. A little of the Earth's minerals can't be all that bad, right?

And for those of you wondering, those dust bunnies are still on the window trim. Will I ever get to them? Ask me again in another week or two or three....

As I type my bed is not made. Maybe I won't even get to it today. And I could probably spend time cleaning my bathrooms and organizing closets, but it's a nice day. We'll end up hitting our neighborhood park instead. So what if the house isn't neat and tidy!

So here I am. In all my messy, imperfect glory. With these grease stains on my shirt.

What grease stains are you trying to hide?