Out With the Old, In With the New

It's Monday. A fresh start to the unseen week. Baseball practice with a group photo. Flag football practice. Friends to have coffee with. Library storytime. Endless possibilities and at the same time, possible let downs.

Another week. Possibly the week I finally remove Oprah from my Tivo schedule. Her grey-colored Christianity isn't working for me anymore. Some may disagree, but in my opinion she is causing lots of confusion in the Body of Christ. I don't think I can stand her "God accepts all ways to salvation" any longer.

A new week. Maybe I'll replace that hour of Oprah with some sort of workout show? Oh how I need to stop being a slug and get moving. Or maybe the root is from cabin fever and dealing with 40-degree temperatures again? I just love taking walks with my boys and chatting with neighbors. Whatever the reason, I need to get off my butt!

A week of trying something new. I just got word that Rice Chex cereal is gluten free. Its on my grocery list. Here's to hoping more companies jump on the bandwagon and cater to those with dietary needs.

This week I anticipate Thursday when we attend our school's art show and see two pieces Matt created. I thought he was the logical-type and less creative. Boy, was I wrong!

An overall week of change. My parents gave our family a children's devotional book (shown here), which we started this morning. It's easy to read and the concepts are on a child's level. I pray with each day my boys desire to know Jesus and walk like Him. (And maybe us parents will learn a thing or two as well!)