Introducing the Tooth Fairy!!!

Monday morning Matt exclaimed, "My tooth came out! My tooth came out!" (He really was excited even though the photo to left shows otherwise.)

We have been anticipating this tooth coming out. Not because it's a great milestone, but we were sick of the constant complaining during mealtime.

Matt used the tooth pillow my parents gave me when I was a little girl to collect baby teeth. Before bed he started negotiating the amount he should get! "Since it's my first tooth, I should get $100 or something, right???" FAT CHANCE!

He woke up with a few dollar bills and said, "Wow, I am really rolling in the dough now. I have enough to get another Xbox game." (Young minds......)

One down.....many more to go!!!

UPDATE: We are under a winter storm warning. Matt's K class has been cancelled. Our morning is off to a good start: watching CARS and eating breakfast!!!