A Superb Date

I run errands with Mark before picking Matt up from morning kindergarten. I always seem to time things early and have 20 minutes or so to spare.

Tuesday Mark and I spent that extra time at Target's food center eating Pizza Hut breadsticks. Wednesday we ran over to Panera Bread and split a cinnamon crunch bagel with cream cheese (oh so good).

Our conversation isn't deep. In fact we usually talk about colors or if he wants more of what I'm eating. We'll play a game of "Where's Mark?" as he covers his eyes and then yells, "Boo!" He points at this and that. He eyes all the people either giving them a smile or that flirty-shy look

Someone will spot us and before you know it, I strike up a conversation about what it's like being a mom. About how Mark's eyes are so blue. That he has a brother, Matt, which prompts Mark to say, "MAA!" About how good he is sitting and eating. Then I remind the individual how they need to come home and watch the REAL Mark, who throws food on the floor and tries to stand in his high chair.

My Little Man may not keep our conversation flowing, but I enjoy every minute of our date together. He has Mommy's heart completely!!!