Just Not in the Mood

Last Wednesday Mark spiked a temperature of 101. The next evening Matt joined Mark with a sudden fever. In a couple days Matt improved with some left over coughing, etc. However, Mark was not himself, so I took him in Saturday morning.


Almost a year ago ear tubes were put in, but since he needed them so early -- and you know how fast toddlers grow -- one is already out. The news discouraged me since he hasn't needed an antibiotic prescription since last April.

So off I went to Target to get the Rx filled while I did some therapy and shopped around. Do you love that place as much as I do???

I haven't thought much about commenting on blogs or taking photos to post for Wordless Wednesday. This morning I rushed to get our recycle bin out after Matt saw the truck down the street! I try to shower every day. Make dinner. Rest in front of "the tube". Make sure the house is together. Do laundry. You know, mom's work.

So this week I am skipping WW. I'll drink my coffee. Watch a movie. Make the boys' lunch. And enjoy some me time.