Little Things

Yes....yes....yes.....today is my birthday. I am 33 today. And, yes, I have no problem admitting my age. (I sounds like an Olay commercial.) Matt's kindergarten class focuses on a color every week and this week is pink. How timely!!

What am I looking forward to today?

Well, compared to last year's birthday fiasco: both boys were sick with the flu (Mark went to the ER with his first croup attack), my dad received news he was going to battle esophageal cancer, and a close friend of Steve's family passed away. All in one day. I remember asking, "Could this day get any worse???" I was numb.

A year later we are healthy. My dad is cancer free. No family deaths (thank you). I look forward to a day with my boys and hubby. A day to be thankful for all God brought us through. These things are what make my birthday special. The little things, which really aren't so little.