I seem to be checked out. Reasons why.....

First, Blogger has frustrated me these past few days. Commenting and visiting sites have been difficult. If I seem to be missing, I am not.

Second, our family is long overdue for a pajama day and today feels good to do that. Other than signing Matt up for baseball this spring/summer, we are enjoying indoors with the brutally cold temperatures outdoors. Time for a good cup of hot chocolate -- or Chambi Chai!

Third, we are preparing for the big game Sunday. The grocery store is calling my name. On the menu: Italian beef, chili-cheese dip, brownie sundaes, and popcorn. DIG IN EVERYONE!!!

So what are your weekend plans? Watching the Super Bowl? Are you even a football fan? Relaxing? Enjoying a nice day – if you live in the SOUTH?

As for me, I am checking out and relishing in our weekend’s plans. LATER!