A New Beginning

This week my parents are officially moving out of the house I grew up in. They are down-sizing to a ranch and beginning to enjoy a simpler life. It is bittersweet witnessing a strange family move into the house I knew as home since I was four (1977).

  • Sleepovers in the basement.
  • Playing Barbies with my friends on the back porch.
  • Eating breakfast every morning while I talked to my mom.
  • Playing Disco Duck in the den as I danced and danced.
  • Santa’s spread by the fireplace.
  • Searching for my basket Easter morning. (The dryer was a great place -- thanks mom and dad!)

The memories go on and on. But the new home will add new ones. Ones of grandkids running around. Laughing around the dinner table. The excitement of opening Christmas presents. The smell of Thanksgiving turkeys roasting. Egg hunts in the back yard.

It's the end and a new beginning.........

Taken in front of my parents' old home with my brothers, parents and our families.