Sobering Thoughts

For the past 6 years I have been involved in a local Bunco group. Every month we laugh, eat, and enjoy time away from the responsibilities of motherhood.

Over a year ago one of the moms, Jenny, found out her daughter, Julia, had a Wilms’ Tumor Stage 4. It was aggressive and she underwent chemo/radiation as well as a stem cell transplant. It was a long process for the entire family and I admired Jenny’s strength and courage. She came through and all seemed well.

We received news that the tumor is back with a vengeance. The doctors gave the whole “2 or 3 months” talk and the family had to decide whether to treat the cancer with ugly side effect and prolong her life a little longer or forego the treatments and allow her to enjoy the time she has left.

Her family chose the latter. They feel “quality” outweighs “quantity”. They are planning trips to Disney and visiting distant families making every moment count.

Her journey has brought me to a sobering place. Julia is Matt’s age, so I can only imagine how I would receive this news. It caused me to look at life and be thankful for my two boys. To cherish every day. Maybe dealing with another cold isn’t that bad? Maybe nagging Matt to make his bed in the morning shouldn’t ruin my day? What seems like a tragedy usually is not.

Please pray for this family. For endurance. Strength. Peace. Comfort.