Italian Beef Crock-Pot Style

I received a comment requesting I share my Italian Beef Recipe from my ABC Meme. Your wish is granted!! I make this for parties and company. Its also a good idea to let meat cook overnight for an after-church lunch.

3-5 lb rump roast
1 large onion; sliced
1 packet Good Seasons Italian Dressing (not bottle, but dry in the packets)
1 green bell pepper; sliced
3 beef bullion cubes
1 jar sliced pepperocinis (mild or hot -- your preference)

Put the rump roast, sliced onions, Good Seasons dressing, sliced green bell peppers, and bullion cubes in the crock pot. Add water until it covers 1/4 - 1/2 of meat. Turn crock pot on low and let cook for 8-10 hours.

Take meat out and shred with fork (should be VERY tender and easy to do). Put shredded meat back into the crock pot with juices, then add the pepperocinis. Enjoy on kaiser sub rolls (regular sub rolls can get too soggy).