Father's Upcoming Surgery

On Tuesday, May 16th my father will undergo the extensive and serious surgery of removing his esophagus and replacing it with tissue from his stomach (the next step in esophageal cancer treatment). I won't go into detail on how the doctors accomplish this, but most importantly my mother asks for many prayer requests and here they are:

  • That Richard will be able to sleep the next few nights before the surgery. The news of the severity of the procedure was more than we ever expected. Please pray against a spirit of fear!
  • That the surgeons will be skilled in their surgical procedures and that the anesthesiologist will be skilled in keeping Richard well during those procedures.
  • That none of the following complications will occur: heart involvement or cardiac stress, leakage of the tube after surgery, pneumonia, or any blocked ducts. That the blood supply to the stomach is not damaged and will perform its function perfectly!
  • That the biopsied tissue will prove to be cancer free. That Richard will have the best prognosis possible!
  • That Richard will recover quickly after surgery and that that the drainage tubes can be removed in short order. That he will also have minimal pain.
  • That Richard will be able to learn to eat again with no frustration or discomfort.
  • Most of all, that Richard will be cancer free for the rest of his life!

Thanks to all of you who pray and believe God is all-powerful, all-knowing, and ALL-MIGHTY!!