Our Graduate

Matthew graduated from preschool Wednesday and is excited to start kindergarten in August. The class performed many songs learned throughout the year including nursery rhymes and scripture verses. They put on quite a show! Each parent was presented a scrapbook of crafts and other momentos gathered throughout the year. I was surprised to see photos of Matt and me along with other neat items. I sat back and witnessed another chapter closing in my son's life -- bittersweet!

To add to these feelings one of Matt's lower teeth is loose! He asks every day if it'll come out. Where did my baby boy go? It seems like yesterday I was holding his hands while he tried to toddle around the house. Remember when we long for the first tooth to come in? Now they are coming out!

As for Mark, he is growing quickly too. Can you believe he'll be a year old in less than a month? This year was a blur!!! He is starting to take small steps without help, but does not desire to be walked around. "Let me just get there my way" is his attitude -- so be it! He is babbling more and saying lots of ma mas, da das, and ba bas.

Sharing has been an issue in our household as well. Gone are the days when Matt's toys were all his and he didn't share space with anyone. I find myself reminding him that Mark lives here too, but he argues that he was born first and has the last say-so. I don't think so!!!

Please view our photos taken throughout the month of May --> CLICK HERE!!