Fuddy Duddy

When Matthew gets ready for the day he always enjoys listening to his favorite music. His tastes range from Lazytown to The Wiggles to Worship Jamz. I have spied on him "shaking his booty" as he brushes his teeth -- what a sight!!

When it was time to turn off the music I asked Matthew, "Turn off your stereo, please." He corrects me and says, "Mom, why do you call it a stereo? It's a CD player!!" He has that come-on-mom-you-should-know-better tone.

The sense of getting old creeps in as I reminisce about when I was young and had a "boom box". Remember thinking our parents were goofy for playing 8-track tapes? AH - those days when my family would listen to John Denver's Christmas with The Muppets or Kenny Rogers' Greatest Hits!!

Now it's me calling his CD player a "stereo" and I am the the fuddy duddy. It's just a matter of time when Matthew's friends say, "Your mom is soooo out of it!"

What goes around, comes around...