Some Honesty, Please!

After receiving an email from my friend, Stephanie, I did some soul searching about my role as a mother. Who said the role would be easy? Leave it to the media to glamourize and portray these lives like a blissful walk in the park. Has anyone had this perfect experience? I can definitely speak out and say "NO!"

The neverending days of worry, discipline, and sickness can weigh on any mother. Have you seen those episodes of A Baby Story when the mom is elated and says over and over again: "Oh, I feel so complete and my life is full of joy with little so-and-so around." Does any mother feel that sense of joy when they are cleaning throw up, changing the 200th diaper, or leaving a hopeful trip to the mall early because of a crying toddler's tantrum? The overwhelming thoughts that I am not cutting it as a mom sets in and I feel guilty.

But then when Matthew walks into my bedroom in the morning, says, "I love you," and kisses me, it's all worth the pain and struggle. I could never imagine life without my boys. To witness first steps, first words, and first days of school is priceless.

A mother's sacrifice produces a wonderful blessing!!!